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Posted 6/15/07
There's times I cry and
There's time I lie Right here before you
As you can see the real me
Just to forget it all
Binding ties, breathless sighs
Exhausted from the very breath I have taken
The burning sun
It's what I've become
And you can't change that it's me
Now you see the imperfect me
As I stare..........peering into the sea
The blinding glare in the soundless waves
Knowing I can't be free like the motion of the waves
But have to receive what's beyond it all
Past the sun and
Before the horizon falls
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28 / M / It be sleepy time...
Posted 6/15/07
Amnesty there is a thread for posting poetry and other writings


someone please lock this
Posted 6/15/07
HelloKitty Muffin'King Moderator
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27 / Mocha / Keurig Ma...
Posted 6/15/07
Posted 6/15/07

Creative Works Thread

this thread is going straight to thread hell for an eternity
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26 / M / Imagination Land
Posted 6/15/07
hahahahahah even normal crollers and chrollettes are very securitized. well..........they're right....

Posted 6/15/07
damn straight nazareeni
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35 / M / Texas
Posted 6/15/07
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