[2013~KDrama] Goddess of Fire Jeongi
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Posted 7/20/12

Directed : Park Seong-soo (No Limit~2009, Dr. Gang~2006, Ruler of Your Own World~2002, A Delicious Proposal~2001, Into the Sunlight~1999)
Screenplay : Kwon Soon-gyoo (Warrior Baek Dong-soo~2011)

Airing dates : 2013/03/__~Upcoming

32 episodes

Synopsis : A drama about the Chosun's first dish making woman's life full of up's and down's.

Credit : Hancinema

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Posted 10/28/12

Moon Geun Young is cast in a historical drama series, The Goddess of Fire

Moon Geun Young will play a lead role in a new historical drama series.

Moon was recently cast in a lead role in MBC TV’s new historical drama series The Goddess Of Fire, Jung Yi (working title). Unless something major comes up, she will appear in the series. The Goddess Of Fire, Jung Yi will be directed by Park Sung Soo, who also directed A Delicious Proposal, and will be written by Kwon Soon Gyu, who also wrote Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

The series is about Baek Pa Seon’s life and love. She was the first and the best female potter in the Joseon Dynasty period. After she got kidnapped to Japan during a war, she demonstrated the superiority of Joseon potters in Japan. Depending on how well it is made, it can be as popular as Dae Jang Geum, which was very popular all over the world.

Moon will play the role of Jung Yi in the series. This is her second historical drama series after Painter of the Wind. Moon will also play the role of a girl who thinks of marriage as her dream business in SBS TV’s new drama series Cheongdam-dong Alice, which will start airing in December.

People are wondering how she will portray two different characters in the drama series.

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