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CRITICIZE Your Favorite Anime | PRAISE your Least Favorite Anime
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21 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 7/21/12 , edited 7/21/12

Read thread title.


Favorite: One Piece

♥ Earlier episodes have horrible animation.
♥ Turtle pacing.
♥ Having to wait for 1 new episode every week.

Least Favorite: Bleach

♣ Jaw-droppingly brilliant music. (Asterisk, D-tecnolife, Rolling Star, The Precipice of Defeat, etc.)
♣ Cool Bankais.
♣ It got cancelled.

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17 / F
Posted 7/21/12 , edited 7/21/12
fave naruto: its so freaken tragic to everybody
feels like every person is created just to have a tragic past
the heck? RTN forget u!
least: rock lee SD shit: it's funny?
they're my bias
ITS GOING TO END SOON ( its a good thing!)
Queen of Support
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Posted 7/21/12
Favorite: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

☆ 'rape > love' relationships
☆ the little ones look a lot alike

Least Favorite: Beelzebub

☆awesome opening songs.
☆funny as hell even though the storyline is crappy
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20 / F / Canada
Posted 7/21/12
Favorite: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-Animations seems very terrible in the beginning
-Very slow pace
-Unnecessary characters

Least Favorite: Mawaru Peguindrum
-Animation is gorgeous.
-Like how they get in depth with the characters backgrounds
-Like the opening
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18 / M / Area 11
Posted 7/21/12
Well, my favorite anime title is a tie between Code Geass and Death Note, but the same criticisms can be put on both because they are very similar, so Keep that in mind.


Code Geass:Leluch of the Rebellion R2/Death Note

In both, the main characters are douchbags, who, even though have good intentions, attempt to achieve those intentions through terrible acts of violence. Now, in Leluche's defence, a lot of the deaths wern't 100% his fault, and if all of his plans went the way he wanted them to, the death tole would have been significantly lower, but none the less, he was willing to kill millions in order to achieve world peace.

My least favorite Anime has to be Naruto.

The plot and world that it is set in is interesting. (To be honest, if the three main characters wern't so freaken stupid, I might watch Naruto. I do like the stories of the akatsuki, and some of the history of the world is interesting, I just can't stand Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke)
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24 / M / Anime World
Posted 7/21/12
Favorite: NANA

- shitty animation
- a particular character that I hated throughout the season
- inconclusive ending

Least Favorite: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

- Funny in a twisted way
- Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi! sounds kinda catchy
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Posted 7/21/12
Favorite Anime: Yakitate Japan.

- The ending arc didn't follow the manga and felt rushed.

Least Favorite .... hmm .... well, it would be anything I never finished. And jeez, all you people pick mainstream crap. Hmm ... the only anime I watched and I guess didn't like was Soul Link. If I had anything good to say about it ....

- It had a good OP/ED.

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22 / M / 風の山
Posted 7/21/12
favorite: Hunter X Hunter
-childish and main character can get annoying
- ended early and decided to make a new series following same story path

least: (most likely dropped as said above) decent- level E
- can't remember much about it
i actually remembered its name without looking in my anime list.
um o yea the prince was pretty hilarious and devious
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not sharing my asl
Posted 7/21/12
Favorite: Detective Conan

Series is too long, never-ending

Least Favorite: Clannad

I like Kyoto Animation
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Posted 7/21/12
Favorite: Maria-sama ga Miteru
- Trying to please everyone by keeping the relationships between the girls ambiguous. I wish that Marimite had the guts to either confirm some of the main relationships as romantic ones, or to declare some of them as just friendship. Bonus if they could do both (i.e. some relationships are romantic, some are not)
- Animation can get pretty bad

Least favorite: Chu-Bra
- The concept could be interesting. A show that actually teaches stuff about bras and underwear could be educational, because people rarely get that info elsewhere.
- I liked the ojou-sama character.
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21 / F / Σ( ̄ロ ̄ll)
Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/22/12
Kuroko no Basuke

~The fck is wrong with the shading!? It's all bunch of scan lines :U

~Where's Kuroko when you need him!? This hottie needs to be on screen more often TTwTT
~The previous theme songs are waaaay better than the new ones.
~The drawings on ep 16 look different.

what in blazes happened!??!?!?!? D:

Skip Beat

~T'was funny
~Tsuruga Ren is hawttt.
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21 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 7/22/12

dblade0 wrote:

And jeez, all you people pick mainstream crap.

This coming from someone who says
Yakitate Japan is their favorite anime.

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23 / M / Quincy, MA
Posted 7/22/12
Favourite: Eden of the East
Its story doesn't properly resolve.
A good portion of viewers will find it all flash, no substance.
A good portion of the characters in the Eden of the East club have little bearing on the story at large.

Least favourite: Yosuga no Sora
The animation can sometimes be very fluid.
The quiet, timid soundtrack suits the earlier episodes perfectly.
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19 / F / Balmer, Murlin
Posted 7/22/12
I have trouble with 'favorites' so I'll just pick the ones I like most right now:

Favorite: Durarara!!
- Seriously confusing and all over the place 'til about half-way through
- Inconclusive, underwhelming ending

Favorite: Tsuritama
- Slow start
- Characters can be annoying
- Tries too hard to be weird
- Extremely nonsensical at times (most of the time)

Least Favorite: Naruto
- Good story idea
- Can be fun to watch
- Good side characters
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22 / a e r o s p a c e
Posted 7/22/12
Favourite: Gundam 00
Too many fan service scenes
Numerous scenes with poor animation
Consideres itself worthy of having overpriced merchandise (but then again, so do all animes, and it's partly the producers' fault)
Another cryptic cliffhanger ending, even to the movie.. oh well.

Least favourite: CLANNAD
Very spontaneous, believable, good lead-ups to episode events
Very well-animated
Possesses a commendably-diverse fanbase
Admirable for keeping me at bay (intimidating me enough for me to still be dead scared of watching it)
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