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CRITICIZE Your Favorite Anime | PRAISE your Least Favorite Anime
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M / i'm there. you kn...
Posted 7/23/12
favorite: naruto
most huge things are prolonged with fillers. ugh.
some battles are spread out through too many episodes.
most of my favorite characters don't get as much screen time as they deserve.

least favorite: umm... i don't know if i can think of just one... i have at least 3...
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29 / F / Wisconsin
Posted 7/23/12

Favorite: Fullmetal Alchemist
The ending was terrible
There was a lot of short jokes and Ed being taunted
The story was completely waaay off from the manga

Least Favorite: Tokko
Great Ending
The gore was soo necessary
The animation was the best

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30 / F / irst
Posted 7/23/12 , edited 7/23/12

In Toward the Terra, everybody dies. (Though if you really enjoy crying, I guess that can be a good thing?)


Bleach has nice art.
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F / CO
Posted 7/23/12
FAVORITE: Ouran High School Host Club

-The animation is very basic
-Needs a second season
-The opening song is a tad goofy


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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 7/24/12

dblade0 wrote:

Isn't that kinda the definition of not mainstream? That a lot of people don't know about it? What does genre have anything to do with it?

Yakitate Japan tried to be a successful mainstream anime but failed.
That's the point I was trying to make.

And genre has a lot to do with it.
Mainstream anime you deemed crap all have Shounen and Comedy in common.

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20 / F / Washington
Posted 7/24/12
Favorite : Bleach
too short
a lot of fillers

Least favorite: dragon ball z
great story decent animation
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27 / M / Maryland
Posted 7/31/12
Favorite anime: Azumanga Daioh
- It ended

Least Favorite anime: Happiness
- The opening was kind of catchy

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Posted 7/31/12
Favorite: Naruto
-fillers get repetitive
-fillers are annoying as fuaa!!!!

Least: Pokemon
-It was a great run, the first season.
-I loved to collect them all, just the new Pokemon...eww...I still collected them anyways.

^Very repetitive, it gets boring, maybe if I was 12 again and had a short attention span...
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F / United States
Posted 7/31/12
Favorite: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
- There's quite a few plotholes
- Animation issues in the non-BD releases
- Lack of character development on certain characters.

Least Favorite: Another
- It had a really great atmosphere
- Had some very well done animation
Posted 7/31/12
Favorite: K-On!
-Should have had more music
-Didn't focus enough on Tsumugi

Least Favorite: School Days
-VERY satisfying ending!
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21 / M / USA
Posted 8/4/12 , edited 8/4/12

Dragon Ball

-How many Dragon Ball characters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One, but it takes 5 episodes to do so.*
-It has an utter lack of a coherent story after the Cell Saga.
-The fight between SSJ Goku and Frieza has almost no replay value.
-Some episodes have TERRIBLE animation.

Least Favorite:

Elfen Lied (my recent analyzation of it made me really dislike it. It's far from the worst but the shock value.. )

-Brilliant OP & ED.
-Lucy is a great and complex character.
-'Lithium' is a beautiful track.

* = The lightbulb thing came from a joke King Kai told Goku in the english version.
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26 / F / Depths of Eternity
Posted 8/4/12

i got 2 favourites (SORRY!)
One Piece

--> too long, taking too much waiting for next episode
--> poor animation, some people doesn't want to watch cause the characters are not good-looking
--> they killed ace!!!


--> full of randomness that it can be confusing sometimes
--> too unexpected that you will get disappointed cause that wasn't what you expected
--> tae-chan is overly violent and bitchy that it can be very irritating

Least favourite:
School Days

--> good animation
--> it can give you a lesson that stop being a bitch! stop bullying! and don't be such a heartless jerky cheater!!!
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23 / M / United States
Posted 8/4/12

chrome_mist wrote:

dblade0 wrote:

And jeez, all you people pick mainstream crap.

This coming from someone who says
Yakitate Japan is their favorite anime.

And this coming from someone who says One Piece is theirs. To each his own i guess..
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29 / F / Seattle
Posted 8/5/12 , edited 8/5/12
Tiger & Bunny

-Didn't do focus episodes for all the characters


-Dark is cute
-Daisuke is cute
-Satoshi is cute
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23 / F
Posted 8/5/12 , edited 8/5/12
Favorite: Angel Beats!

Too short.
Didn't tell me about how the other characters died. Shiina, TK, Yuri, etc..
Not enough Otonashi and Kanade moments XD

Least favorite: Death Note

Most characters are cool-looking.

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