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CRITICIZE Your Favorite Anime | PRAISE your Least Favorite Anime
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26 / M
Posted 9/3/12
Favorite: Nausicaa
- The fact that walt disney got their hands on it.

Least favorite:Soul eater
- They had something in the plot that could have been good but ruined it.
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18 / F / Hangin' with my f...
Posted 9/3/12
Favourite: Vampire Knight
– English dub is horrible (but don't worry, 4Kids isn't responsible)
– No continuation (as far as I know, waah!)

Least Favourite: Bo-bobobo-bobo-bo
+Insanely funny
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Posted 9/3/12
Naruto and Naruto shippuden.

-Crap pacing at some points
-Some annoying side characters
-Naruto being stupidly underpowered in part 1.
-The new episode' s animation have not been the best.

Least favourite.
Dragon ball z

-introduced anime to north america
-cool character themes
-Without it things like Naruto and one piece would not exist

True favourite

The reason I Didn't include this is because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Hahaha.
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Posted 9/3/12
Favorite : Gurren Lagann- Kamina is annoying in the beginning in the dub, It makes no sense at all, The ending too sad

Least Favorite: Sekirei: Tits,Tits,Tits... Seriously that is what that anime is about... Pokemon with hot anime girls with huge tits
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Posted 9/3/12
Favorite: Eureka 7- The children are annoying as hell and Talho looks awful in the latter half. Like seriously I think it's the hair cut that killed it. oh and some characters didn't have as much development as I would've liked as in Jobs and specifically Gonzy.

Least: Galaxy Railways- The artwork is very cool and the concept is pretty unique. Plenty of characters to love/hate and the action is enough. The trains are cool also.

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Posted 9/3/12
Favorite: Sword Art Online
-episodes 2-7 were fillers
-OP protagonist ftw/ftl? hmm.

Least Favorite: K-On
-Animation is fairly moe, a (+) in my book.
-interesting songs
-Received a 2nd season

P.S. i don't see why, so many people in crunchyroll dislike clannad, despite it's still #1 rated in (ANN); however, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
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23 / F / Wonderland
Posted 9/3/12
Favourite:Durarara,Clannad AS,Zetsubou Sensei.

-Inconclusive, Bad ending and animation could be better.

Clannad AS-
-Eeeh, the ending, lack of insight on the secondary characters.

Zetsubou Sensei
-SOO MUCH TEXT. Very boring for non-otaku, probably.

Least Favourite:Vampire Knight,Maria Holic, Soul Eater.

Vampire Knight
-Good looking bishies and animation, catchy ending theme, refreshing Vampire media.

Maria Holic
-Opening and animation...SHAFT level.

Soul Eater
-Opening,ending, and, erm, characters?

Queen Moderator
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X / Rochester, NY
Posted 9/3/12
Favorite 1 : SE : Lain
-Confusing as hell at first....AND at second :P
-strange random animations and background noises (I love this about it but it bugs most people)

Favorite 2 : Madoka
-Confusing bits to some
-music keys in at random parts

Favorite 3 : Angel Beats!
-Too sudden of an opening (Honestly it's my biggest complaint.)

Least Favorite : Naruto
- Good idea for a show
- Has appeal to a wide range of people
- Good at converting people to anime
but its the show that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends...... >_>
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24 / F / Wonderland
Posted 9/3/12
Hiiro No Kakera: Horrible art, lousy story line. And magical powers? I mean get real people!
Sword Art Online: It's a ^&*$ing video game!
Vampire Knight: Hey look, it's Twilight!

Bleach: Amazing art, stunning real to life people. Love them monsters! :D
My Mysterious Girlfriend X: Totally is an interesting show. With amazing interactions that boggle your mind!
Naruto: A masterpiece in the making!

Gags, I can't believe I just did that! lol (Reds = likes. Greens = hates.)
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24 / M / Texas
Posted 9/3/12
Favorite Anime: Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari

-Too Much sexual tension and groping of elementary/middle school girls by the main character, including his sister
-Cuts can be disorienting
-Flashes a lot of information up on screen for short amounts of time

Least Favorite: One Piece

-Occasionally funny
-Lots of content for those who just can't get enough, including hundreds of episodes and soon to be 12 movies
-Large Fanbase
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