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Posted 7/22/12
Any tips on being frugal with anime/manga spending habits?
Posted 7/22/12
well you can always read every manga in the world online

and you pirate anime, i know i might get lots of hate because of this but i don't like to wait for an entire season of an anime to come out before i can purchase it for 40$ then never watch it again, if you don't care about image quality then you could stream anime on dozens of websites also
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Posted 7/22/12
I don't I have much experience with purchasing anime merchandise, but I'll give advice anyway. What you can do is focus on developing enough self restraint to only buy anime stuff for others. If you want something for yourself, than to be subtle/modest, you could make it known to your friends by hinting or bringing up the topic, or be more direct by putting up a wish list that you yourself have no plan to tdke action to fulfill.

Also, you could set higher goals for the anime merchandise to be a reward for. But never have anime merchandise as a reward for meeting a savings target; avoid infinite loops.
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Posted 7/22/12
Check out e-bay, I've gotten some pretty good deals on batches of anime. It you get something that you don't want (or need) that is always good for trading stock.
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Posted 7/22/12
The cheapest way to get anime legally and have a large selection of titles is to become an anime member here or one of the competitors. Depending on who licenses what anime you can see almost any show you want. And it's less than $10 a month. When you're done with one service drop it and sign up with another. Crunchyroll is a good starting point in my opinion.
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Posted 7/22/12
Spending habit depends on how you spend your money on. It's better to save money for something rare or in high quality craftsmanship.

If you just want to watch the anime videos, then legal streaming like Crunchyroll is a way to go. J-Manga and Shonen Jump Alpha website for manga.

If you just want to buy stuffs, there are so many ways to get discounts and bulk deal. I don't trust Ebay because prices are jacked up for cheap trinkets and quality anime merchandises are almost nonexistent.
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Posted 7/22/12
1. Check Amazon and eBay frequently. Check for used items if you're not anal (like I am) about receiving items that are in perfect condition. Lots of sellers have photos and very in-depth descriptions about the items (if certain discs have scratches, if pages have creases) so you can be sure what you're getting and how it looks.

2. Subscribe to many mailing lists. Crunchyroll, RightStuf, Barnes & Noble, and many other stores are always having sales or specials and a lot of times people are unaware of it.

3. Search for coupons/promo codes. Even if it's only for 5% off, a discount is a discount.

4. There are many legal streaming sites as mentioned above containing a great variety of anime/manga.

5. Or if you don't care about it you can just want to download/stream the stuff illegally.

I don't want to go into a full tirade about how piracy is wrong and all that but I just want to say that there's nothing better than to have an actual DVD collection or a full collection of manga on your bookcase rather than to have some files on your computer. Or at least I think so.

Anyways, hope this helps.
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Posted 7/22/12 , edited 7/22/12
for dvds right stuf and amazon are the best.
for collecting figures, I use amiami. there is a place called mandrake thats suppose to be good but I've never used it.
Ebay is the worse place to go for that because of the vast amount of bootlegs.

There is no point of streaming illegal stuff these days, crunchy roll has so much. You don't have to pay anything if you can wait 1 week for new stuff.

Anime conventions are big money eaters, you spend a ton of money to just get in the spend more money on stuff. It's better to just buy thing from places like amiami online rather than to go to those to buy things.

Don't collect anything, the moment you say, "I am going to start collecting X" your money is gone the next day. Nendoroid collecting has screwed my wallet and continues to.

Don't buy dvds that are really new, they cost way more, if you can wait chances are the price will go down.

If you live in the city in USA there is a chance your library has anime and manga, the ones around me do, and some times I check them out.

If you join an anime club, where people own stuff, you should try to borrow dvds from them.

Don't bootleg though it promotes bad habits for the anime community.
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Posted 7/23/12 , edited 7/23/12
If it's all for getting anime content in a legitimate way, here are some ideas...

For anime streaming. I think that it's worth paying the 60 bucks for this site to stream for a year. That's cheaper than paying month to month. Also, it's in HD, can't beat that. Last Christmas Crunchyroll had a deal to get a year for maybe about half price. i kinda wish I got in on that. It might be a decent way to renew annually and save money, that is, if they do that deal annually.

Hulu has a lot of streaming shows if you're okay with 360p/480p videos and intermittent commercials that interrupt the show randomly. A lot of those shows actually mirror what's available on Netflix (at least it did a few years ago) and it includes a lot more that's currently on-air now. I think Funimation puts a ton of anime on their Youtube channel. For instance it looks like all of Haibane Renmei is available on Youtube to watch right now. If you're fine with watching older stuff it could keep you busy for a while.

If you want Japanese television, not necessarily anime, there's NHK streaming for free and there are some cool shows like Begin Japanology, which is great for learning more about Japan's culture.

As for buying figures...this is my rule: I have to like the character and the show enough to want it to plunk down money. Luckily for me, I like a lot of shojos and they don't get many toys. I also like the Nendoroid/Figmas over the bigger $100 statues. Amiami will have figures at a discount. Of course, this isn't about frugality, but more about budgeting money. You could set aside a few bucks every month (or whenever you get a paycheck) into a hobby fund, build it up, and then spend it on something big. I remember ING Direct allowed you to setup individually named savings accounts so you could make an "otaku fund" and know that there's a bucket of money for conventions and hobby purchases, but the interest rate and hassle of moving money there doesn't make it worth it. Maybe you can set something up with a local credit union and you might get a better interest rate to boot.

There's always the library for manga, at least around my hometown there's manga in the library. Swaptree might be a good place to trade books/dvds/etc for manga and other anime series as well, and that's a free service.

I've bought anime off Ebay in the past but we're talking like... way in the past. Like, I bought VCDs of Evangelion and a DVD set of the Big-O. You gotta be careful though, sometimes you get Engrish for subtitles. I don't want to be racist, but Chinese DVDs usually mean Engrish subs.
[Edit: Probably also means that the DVDs are bootlegs too. You get what you pay for. :P]

Rightstuf and Amazon always has good discounts if you keep your eye on them.
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Posted 7/23/12
As the above poster mentioned - for watching shows, look into on-demand sites such as CR, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. That way you can see which series you like and want to consider owning. Once you are dedicated to the purchase, check ebay and Amazon, you generally get the best deals their, plus, keep your eyes out for this site's deal of the day, you might get really lucky.

I would recommend to any anime fan to do an annual membership here, it's about $5 a month, and having the app on Roku and soon the PS3 makes watching shows in HD on your own TV is amazing.

I would try not to resort to piracy, just because it's illegal and could potentially lead to sneaky malware on your computer...
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