Recommendations for PSP visual novel/otome games with english translations or patches
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Posted 7/27/12
Hi All,
I have had a PSP for awhile now but haven't played it in quite some time. Right now all I have on it is "Corpse Party" which I just started a few days back and "Fate Stay" which I haven't started yet. But my question for you all is are there any good visual novel/otome games out there for the PSP that are either translated into English or have an English patch available that you would suggest? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I realize there are an extremely limited amount of these types of English games out there but any suggestions would be great. Also if there are DS games my son has one so feel free to suggest those as well. Thanks in advance.
Posted 7/27/12

I don't really many otome or visual novels for either system but, I do know of: Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for PSP. I haven't played it but, from what I heard it's geared towards women and an all around good game.
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Posted 10/30/12
I don't know much about otome games. But visual novel wise I know of one on the PSP. It's Disgaea Infinite. But the only otome game I could even think of is the the newer Harvest Moon games (PSP and DS). They have the choice of a female lead, so you go through the life as a woman. But that is half dating half farming game.
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Posted 11/6/12 , edited 11/6/12
Corpse Party!

Also, it's possible to play ports of a fair few PC visual novels on a PSP that allows homebrew (i.e. one running custom firmware), that work near-perfectly. quick google comes up with this: which has a list of ported english VNs. I'd recommend Tsukihime if you liked Fate/Stay night, it's by the same company and set in the same universe.
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