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Olympics, London 2012 Opening Ceremony!
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EXO Planet
Posted 8/2/12
I literally screamed when my queen, J.K. Rowling, came out.
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17 / F / Basketball Court
Posted 8/2/12
The queen was hilarious .
Posted 8/2/12

Personally, I'm judging from the reactions I've seen from people, and from a lot of friends and family abroad. Most people seem to either not like it much or dislike it, but whatever.
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Posted 8/2/12 , edited 8/2/12
Opening is always entertaining. #NBCFAIL is pretty descriptive of the US coverage of opening.

Primary BBC feed starts with Benedict Cumberbatch. He does not make an appearance in the NBC version. The cuts between cameras was pretty tight with the BBC version. The NBC version seemed like it was switching too late most of the time. Most important, despite having 4 presenters they STFU for 95% of the opening. Whereas NBC just droned on and on.

BBC also had an 3D HD feed (a mear 13gb if you're so inclined). Different presenters, different cuts. A lot of wide shots. If you wanted to get a feel for how it felt to be in the stadium, this was the feed to watch on your big screen.
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20 / F / Cowboy Land
Posted 8/9/12
Loved it! The gigantic Voldemort and Marry Poppins made me smile :3 The fake entrance with the Queen was also pretty enteratining~

Parade of Nations always takes up a long time...I remember I was watching the C's come out then went out to do some grocery shopping and came back right as the U's came out.
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26 / M / California
Posted 8/16/12
Over all it was just damn weird. I really didn't get the feeling it was about the Olympic spirit or much about the country. Why on Earth did they focus forever on the internet age bit? Yes the man who can take much of the credit for the internet is British, but is it really necessary to have a long nonsensical dance party about it? Really how the hell did that girl know that guy found her phone when he was texting her missing phone which he had just found? I can't imagine how it was for the audience. Sorry to say it wasn't good. It didn't give any message worth giving. Just labeled the British as a bunch of kooky white people.
Posted 8/16/12 , edited 8/16/12
Didn't care enough to watch it, it doesn't help that, as other have said, NBC's coverage sucks, all highlights and nothing live. If you want to stream it you have to have paid tv subscription or pay for the stream, despite just about every where else getting free streaming. Finally, The Olympic Committee is just insane with all the concessions and special rights they demand from the host country.

Too much of a pain so don't care.
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Posted 8/17/12
You've gotta love internet forums.

Warriors dropping their opinions and shoot off saying without explain anything or offering any other suggestions.

If you look back at the China Olympics, budget was huge. The doors were open and China had to make a massive impression which they did and did fantastically too. They had to follow on from Australia (which was also pretty good) Baring in mind how cheap everything is over there compared to the UK, the money will go even further. In my experience of the Chinese (i worked in Shanghai for nearly 2 years) is that they love spanking cash, enjoying the good things in life. Therefore a superb opening which can't ever be rivalled unless the world put's it's cash together to host a gig.

The ceremony in the UK could of been better but it is what it was. Some parts were like WTF and some parts were pretty cool. Recession was mention a shed load of times and rightly so. Although the UK is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, everyone's pocket is a lot shallower than previous years. The swimming pool and basketball arena in London are being taken apart post para-Olympic games and the materials are being sent to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. It's cheaper to do this than source new materials in Brazil even though they have good natural resources.

People mentioned NBC coverage, was it really that bad? BBC's was epic, HD everywhere and delivered footage from nearly every sport.

Gotta love Dragow120 comment, 'British as a bunch of kooky white people'

UK's gotta be one of the most diverse countries in the world. Take a walk around London, There's a flurry of different ethnic people darting about the place.
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