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Posted 7/28/12
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I've been watching anime for as long as I can remember. At first I thought that eventually once I became older I would lose interest, but I am 19 now and it doesn't seem that'll happen any time soon. Therefore, instead of maintaining this passive attitude I decided to finally embrace my inner otaku. I don't really know any people that enjoy anime as much as I do. I would like to find someone to discuss anime with, people like to talk about the things they like right? I enjoy debating about soccer and tennis so I'm sure I would enjoy having long discussions about anime. If you are interested in talking with me and don't mind sending and receiving long messages then PM me or post a reply. Ideally, I would like to talk with someone in a similar situation as me, someone who doesn't have anyone to discuss anime with either but would really like to.


No me acuerdo de un tiempo en el que no veia anime. En mis memorias mas viejas existen escenas de DBZ. Al principio pense que al pasar del tiempo perdiria el interes en anime. Pero, ya tengo 19 años y parece que tendran que pasar muchos mas años antes de me dejen de gustar los anime y manga. Es por eso que me gustaria encontrar a alguien con quien pueda tener largas discusiones sobre esas cosas. Pienso que ese tipo de discusiones serian divertadas. Desafortunadamente, en este momento no conozco a alguien a quien le guste el anime igual que a mi. Si te gustaria tener discusiones conmingo y no te molesta recivir y escribir largos mensajes entonces mandame un PM or responde a este post. Idealmente, me gustaria hablar con alguien en una situacion similar a la mi, que tampoco tenga a alguien con quien hablar sobre estas cosas pero le gustaria.
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Posted 7/28/12
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