Cross Overs that SHOULD happen
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24 / M / England
Posted 7/30/12
We've seen Gintama X Sket Dance and One Piece X Toriko. So what cross overs would you like to see before your favorite anime finishes.

State why each cross over you list should happen like I did.

For me I would so like to see;

Accel World X Sword Art Online
(Cus the both plots focus on gaming so it would be cool to see how the two worlds collide)

One Piece X Fairy Tail
(Natsu has his guild and Luffy has his crew. So many opportunities for jokes to take place.)

Naruto X Bleach
(dam Bleach the anime has ended though but it will come back. Would like to see how Soul Society and
the Hidden Leaf hit it off . Would also like to see Luffy vs Ichigo)

Pokemon X Digimon
(To see who would win tbh like an epic battle)

Deadman Wonderland X Mirai Nikki
(Both of the main protagonist have had it hard so would be nice to see the two interact and see
what kind of story they could cook up with Ganta and Yukiteru together.)

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23 / F / you will never know
Posted 7/30/12
basilisk X Naruto
I think I would want to know which got the strongest ninjas....and I would look forward to see Itachi vs Gennosuke (eye vs eye) to check out which is stronger
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Posted 7/30/12
naruto shippuden X bleach. soul society against allied shinobi forces! that would be pretty cool.
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26 / M / This Dying World
Posted 7/30/12 , edited 7/30/12
harem animes where the dude wants the harem

cross them ALL over

The League of Perverted Gentlemen....

Reason: well 1 it would be funny, second if 1 hopeless alone can't do it what about a band of hopeless forever alones?
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Posted 7/30/12
Queen of Support
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Posted 7/30/12
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