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Xbox 360 CR App
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Posted 8/8/12

AngelArbalest wrote:

luisdiazzZ wrote:

Jonas27 wrote:

Hell yeah we need a Crunchyroll app for Xbox 360. But screw it if it's only US/Canada...

Don't think so, CR is available in UK and Latin America, so... i think that would be available worldwide like crackle and netflix

Crunchyroll App for PS3 i believe is US/Canada only at the moment, but that strikes me as being a test run to gauge how things are going(or maybe better demand there for it compared to here), but i can see the App hitting everywhere else eventually. As for it hitting the 360, i'd be happy to see it go on there, but can understand it not happening, since i can only imagine Microsoft have quite the price tag on things like that. But again, will have to wait and see.

You know that doom and gloom about Microsoft is really old, Sony is not a small indie company that sends pie and soft drinks for free. All i know is that like services like VizAnime, Hulu, Crackle three providers for Anime streaming. All which is region locked from my country, that leaves only Crunchyroll as the only alternative...

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Posted 8/8/12
@Jonas27 - oh i'm not trying to throw doom and gloom over 360, it's still my preferred platform at the moment. What i mean is, after the reveal that a patch costs $40k to place on a 360 console(the Fez developers dropped that bomb on us), it's no shocker things can cost a lot on the platform. That could easily be just in the arcade side of things and not regular apps for sure, so there is still a chance it'll be decently priced to host CR. Not only that, do consider that for otherwise free applications here(BBC iplayer) or even for subscription based ones, you need to have a gold membership, so the idea of having to pay two subscriptions, if that idea was to arise, would deter others. PS3 is entirely free in that respect, hence why in many ways, it's a far better alternative.

Again, i'm in total support for it actually going to 360 if they can get it on there, but will understand if they decide not to for some reasons. Again, it is early days and the App has just only hit PS3 in the US/Canada, anything could happen, and it will probably only just help boost the site.
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Posted 8/19/12
I would love the app for the 360. Microsoft should help getting it to work, after all we have to have gold to play Netflix and they claim they are making it the ultimate entertainment system. However, I think Microsoft are greedy jerks! Most likely won't help with any of it unless they see some figures first.
Posted 8/20/12
yea it would be nice not having to hook my laptop to my tv to watch stuff.
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Posted 8/21/12
I may consider subscribing if they release an app for Xbox 360. I use my Xbox more than any of my consoles, so a CR app would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 8/31/12
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