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China, Japan, Korea Grudge
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24 / F / New Zealand
Posted 8/3/12
We learned about this a bit at University. Koreans sometimes act that way towards the Japanese due to the time when they were a Japanese colony, and the Japanese used their women as sexual slaves for the Japanese soldiers, and forced the Koreans to speak Japanese, get Japanese names, and banned all things of Korean culture. I can sorta understand why they're still bitter about it.
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21 / M / Canada
Posted 8/3/12

Rajyrr wrote:

So a Chinese, Japanese, and Korean girl each walk into a bar in Mississippi .. and the bartender asks:

"Ehh? .. You gurls from Afrika!?"

The incomprehensible inquiry dwarfed the insignificance of the racial tension between the three ethnicities in the face of their unified confusion and/or disdain.

Best thing ive ever read, lol
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25 / F
Posted 8/3/12

plainknights wrote:

I honestly don't think this is a good topic to discuss on Crunchyroll. It may cause a lot of negative conflict and feedback. Still, I know what you're getting at. You probably think it is just Asians. People are racist and always will be prejudice. Everybody is a little ethnocentric (feel their race is superior) to a certain degree. Its what we call pride, but sometimes it can go overboard. Different people have different standards on what is considered pride, and what is considered ethnocentric. I'm not a big fan of several races, but of course there are exceptions to that rule. What I'm getting at is, we will always hate on others (race) to a certain degree. It just depends on our experience, and upbringing. Your focus is too narrow. I'm assuming because you appear to go to a school with a majority of Asians (Chinese and Koreans?) that you think it is only among Asians. What you should be asking is how do you feel about other races. We all hate each other, and that is a fact.

$5 says there will be conflict if this topic starts to spread. :)

Except for the fact that the feud between China, Japan, and Korea is different from general hate in that Japan had enslaved it's neighboring countries and committed countless atrocities such as the Rape of Nanking, Comfort Women, and attempting to erase their cultural identities just to name a few.

You don't seem to understand that when a country rapes their women, forces their men and sons to commit slave work, burn and pillage their land, steal and destroy their history and culture, kill their people for entertainment and inhumane experiments and basically ruin their way of life in general and fast forward 100 years later to them not owning up to it by still putting out textbooks that claim these events never happened, not returning stolen property, and having several prominent people in your government honor that past is more than just "pride" or ethnocentricism.

And that's just World War 2.
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M / California (Nor C...
Posted 8/3/12 , edited 8/3/12
Koreans usually don't have beef with the Chinese..and i usually consider it mild.....but there is some extreme hatred for the Japanese, with the older generations of Koreans. Mainly due to what FallenYmir said.

I been told by other Koreans (mainly the older generation) if I pick up a Japanese girlfriend or marry one..I'm co-mingling with the enemy. "Don't marry the enemy!" I didn't know what to say..but laugh because I thought they were joking..but no they were quite serious.

It will probably take a long time for this resentment to go away..or, until the government owns up to hat crap. Otherwise Koreans will teach their children (multiple generations)..that the Japanese are EVIL or whatever

But the newer/younger generation have an open mind, and i think most of them know that they..can't blame the people who had no hand in the atrocity..but they can blame the government =P.
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Florida, US
Posted 8/3/12
sounds like a frivolous argument to me.. people just need to grow up & live life.

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28 / M / Monterey Park, CA
Posted 8/4/12

Reptic wrote:

xyukihirokunx wrote:
However, the same can be said about other countries like the U.S. We're never really taught about all the bad things our country has done. *sigh*

Hmm... I have to disagree about the US never teaching the bad things our country has done. From my 12 grades of education (though the majority of it came from high school) I remember learning about the Native American genocide, the slave trade, segregation, the dropping of the A-bombs, the usage of agent orange in Vietnam War, and a lot of other "bad things" the US or an individual politician has been responsible for. I don't think it's fair to make out like America is hiding its dark secrets from today's youth, or something like that.

That's true, but I'm not saying America is hiding anything. It's true that you learn more when you get older. You learn a lot more in college actually. However, growing up we're always told that America is the land of the free and whatnot.

I think some of what you said also depends on what teachers you had growing up. I'm pretty sure none of my teachers before high school said we committed a genocide of the Native Americans. We were always told about the story of Thanksgiving where we shared with each other. I admit we did learn a lot about the slave trade and segregation though. But, I think a big part of why we learn that is because people really fought to add that to our curriculum since it's something that American triumphed in.

You did mention a lot of the things we do learn as kids, but we don't really learn about the behind the scenes things that the U.S. has done. The stuff that we don't really learn about are things like what we did in the middle east and why groups like Al Qaeda hate us. (Although you might have learned about it since you come from a generation that grew up with the whole "terrorist" scare) We never really learn about how the atomic bombs weren't the worst attacks on Japan. We actually did a lot of fire bombing on Japan and killed way more civilians and destroyed way more land than we did with 2 atomic bombs. We've done more to other countries as well. We've made so many enemies around the world.
Posted 8/4/12

History is written through the perspective of the victors. Much of the history we've been taught may be frabicated and we may not even realize that. It's best if we question the events and seek out the "truth" and remove bias if possible. If not, we could look through multiple lens and correlate everything.

That's my two cents; it's not me conspiring against the government or teachings of the education system*. Simply put, don't believe everything or you're just another blind puppet.

*Now, if I were conspiring against the gov't... I'd say we're being trained [through education] to become obedient dogs who do not question their masters.
Posted 8/4/12
The grudge
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19 / F / HK
Posted 8/17/12
I do realize it's kind of lame to bump posts, but have you guys heard about the border disputes and now everyone is bringing up history...

and aahaha ya I know it's kind of a weird topic for CR, but I know there are tons of intelligent people here :)
I just want your opinions and views cause I think this stuff is interesting
Posted 8/17/12

It generally seems to be the tension of what happened in past history that determines what you think about the country. I'm Chinese. Sometimes I would have some hatred for Japan, after learning about their arrogance in WW1/2 and what they did to China. It's just a pet peeve if the topic ever does come up but it doesn't mean I actually hate Japan.

In the present I doubt there will ever be any border disputes particularly over gaining/controlling land nearing the future because it's beginning to get far too dangerous for humankind's sake. The types of weapons we are producing can cause too much destruction and I don't think anyone would want to mess with a country with a nuclear bomb. More and more countries are beginning to have these weapons for defence and it looks to be a cause for catastrophe and it may cause some sort of 'domino' effect like in WW1.

Disputes nowadays tend to be around politic/power within a country and many so in the past. Democracy V Communism is the main one.
Cold war, Cultural revolution in China and South/North Korea dispute are some examples. Difference in opinion has always been a cause for war, fuelled in addition that both sides think that they are 'correct'.

I could talk more about what I think but I can't be bothered. I find humans to be so arrogant, blind sided ids that will always hate.
The world might end earlier than more people think, and not because of a natural disaster or judgement day but by human's own hands.

*Shrugs* But what can I say? I'm only 17 years old and have dropped out of college.

Posted 8/17/12 , edited 8/17/12
Mostly debates on history. dark past. Maybe it'll change in the future for the better. I hope.
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23 / M / Louisiana
Posted 8/17/12
Dont the Chinese hate Vietnamese too? There are alot of Vietnamese people where i live and they said they don't like china.
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