what anime do you wish cruchyroll would have that it doesn't?
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Posted 8/2/12
i'll start.

i have a nice, even top 5 i would like to be on cruchyroll.

1. hetalia
2. clannad
3. deadman wonderland
4. highschool of the dead
5. death note

what anime do you wish they had on cruchyroll? i wish all of the anime production companies would put aside their differences and share all of the anime. but that's probably not going to happen anytime soon sadly.

side topic: CR should stop censoring ecchi anime!
if CR is going to have ecchi anime, then they shouldn't censor it. otherwise, they should take their buisness elsewhere.
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Posted 8/2/12 , edited 8/2/12
1. Accel World.................. Because it's a nice new series
2. Fate/Stay Night............ So it can compliment Fate/Zero
3. Carnival Phantasm.... Continuing with the Fate/ theme.
4. Deathnote..................... Very unique
5. Mira Nikki....................... A finished series that needs attention
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Posted 8/2/12
Everything OP said plus elfen lied, fullmetal alchemist, dragonball, one piece, and school rumble.
Posted 8/2/12
K-On!, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Steins;Gate (i believe they did one point of time, but all the episodes were removed. ;^;), bakemonogatari, and maybe some studio ghibli movies. *o*!
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Posted 8/3/12 , edited 8/3/12
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