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F / On Mother Earth
Posted 12/26/12

Approved ❀◕ ◡ ◕❀
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/16/13
✕ Character Full/Middle/Last Name: Reita Sinclair
✕ Gender: F
✕ Age: 19
✕ DOB: (character's birthday) Dec, 1
✕ Student or Teacher: (if a teacher please choose a class to teach) Student
✕ Class: (1-a/b/c or 2-a/b/c or 3-a/b/c or 4-a/b/c or5-a/b/c) 1-a
✕ Bio:
✕ Personality: Fun, random, and a little on the crazy side!
✕ Power: Fast running, quick thinking, can conjure up fire through her fingers when angered.
✕ Weapons: Whatever she finds accessible.
✕ Special attack: (not sure yet)
✕ Character Family Members: (Put it on list)
✕ Pic (put in a spoiler):
Posted 4/17/13 , edited 4/17/13
✕ Character Full/Middle/Last Name: Yui Yuzuki

✕ Gender: Female

✕ Age: 15

✕ DOB: (character's birthday) 17/02

✕ Student or Teacher: (if a teacher please choose a class to teach)

✕ Class: 2A

✕ Bio:

✕ Personality: Stubborn, quiet, trusty worthy, calm,shy and sneaky.

✕ Power: Can summon a scythe into thin air and lift it with ease ( example from soul eater) She can jump long and high distances, she can do some basics spells

✕ Weapons: Sycthe.

✕ Special attack: A spell that conjure fireballs and anything in it path shall be kill instantly. (Flame Attack)

✕ Character Family Members: (Put it on list)

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M / The Scarlet Devil...
Posted 5/23/13 , edited 5/23/13

Had to edit this a little since some things didnt add up.
Posted 6/18/13
✕ Character Full/Middle/Last Name: Kiyomi Shiawase
✕ Gender: Female
✕ Age: 17
✕ DOB: January 21,1997
✕ Student or Teacher: Student
✕ Class: 1B
✕ Bio: Kiyomi was always considered an outcast by the public.She first was considered un-normal when she was 8 and became angry at one of her classmates ,windows shattered and all the glass was hurled at him.This happened several more times before her parents took her out of school entirely,because they knew it wasn't just coincidence.She learned how to control these powers and keep her emotions under control to some extent,so her parents allowed her to go back to school.On her first day she nearly blew up the whole school.Then her parents took her back out of school and made her fake her own death so she wouldn't tarnish the "good family name."Then they kicked her out when she was 13 and disowned her.
✕ Personality: She is kind and accepts everyone's flaws because of how she was raised and treated when she was younger.She tries not to make people worry about her and normally just keeps to herself.She is witty and intelligent so she uses strategy instead of brute strength to solve her problems.
✕ Power: Telekinesis and she can manipulate the elements.(Fire,water,air,earth,and electricity)
✕ Weapons: A sword which can harness the elements,shuriken,and knives which she hides in her clothes.
✕ Special attack: Shooting Stars- She uses her telekinesis to make her shuriken and knives shoot at her target(It is called "Shooting Stars" because shuriken kind of look like stars)
✕ Character Family Members: (Put it on list)
° Amai Shiawase(Mother)
°Haiyai Shiawase(Father)
°Ai Shiawase (Little Sister)
✕ Pic (put in a spoiler):
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