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38 / M / Surrey, UK
Posted 8/11/14
From (little bits) I've gleaned from commentators inside the gaming industry, the Xbox Marketplace is a lot easier to get things into multiple regions at once.

In the same of the PSN Store, different regions have their own separate approval processes. Apparently it has been known for games that went onto the NA PSN store fine to get rejected from the EU PSN store for not passing muster - despite being good enough for another region.
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Posted 8/18/14
I would love it on my PS3 as well. I have the app on my Samsung TV but would prefer it on the PS3 as this is where I have my media running.
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27 / M / Melbourne
Posted 12/2/14
Another premium member from down under and have been waiting for this =(
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Posted 4/9/15 , edited 4/9/15

bingeell wrote:

Hi, I found a way to get the crunchroll app on my ps3. Create a PSN account that is located in USA, login into it and you'll be able to download the app. The app works fine back on the normal account so you don't have to stay logged in into that account.

Yes this worked! I did get a (80029513) error but once I followed the on screen instructions and activated the system as GAME (choice between game or video) it worked. Happily watching on my normal profile :D

I shouldn't need to do this though. Please fix this crunchyroll Australia loves your service
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