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Is this worth paying for?
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Posted 8/6/12
Not really a fan of mainstream shonen, I like a variety of anime, just more geared towards older series because they seem to have more integrity.
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Posted 8/6/12
I generally prefer subbed to dubbed, as most anime fans do.. It just seems im not so jaded as the majority of the anime culture seems to be these days...
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Posted 8/6/12
If there are shows on here or any official pay site that you want to watch its worth it. Paying for anime is just paying for your entertainment. Unless you are really good at entertaining your self just fork over a few dollars or what ever currency you use and enjoy.

If you are looking for the older anime, well most of those you will have to get on DVD/Blu-ray but there are some here and some on other sites.

Support the artists, publishers, and studios. Pay for you manga and anime!
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Posted 8/6/12 , edited 8/6/12
I'm not really sure what you were expecting, seeing as how you already had your mind made up.

It should not be that hard. Are there shows on Crunchyroll that you want to watch? If yes, pay for a subscription. If no, then don't pay for a subscription and search for an alternative place to buy or acquire the shows you want to want.

Just because there is not a lot of anime on CR that you do not want to watch does not mean that there is not a large selection. There is a huge selection of shows on CR, just not the kind of selection you were expecting.

There are still gems being released today, and many of them CR has simulcasted and has available on their website. You have to take the chance and try some new shows out. If you don't take the chance you will never find the new shows that may interest you.

I'm about the same age as you and have watched anime for longer than you have (My MAL is almost 1000) and the majority of my favorite shows are made in the 80s and 90s, but there are also some recently made shows that I considered to be in my top 50. You make it seems like 26 is over the hill I know some people who were watching anime before I was born that still watch anime today and they also love many of the new shows. Two of them were my professors at my University who are happily married with kids. Age has nothing to do with whether you enjoy a certain type of anime or not.

Also, Trigun, DBZ, Kenshin, and Gundam are not 100% original and free of cliches either

Basically, the service is worth it if you want to watch the shows. CR has millions of viewers per month and possibly over 100,000* paid members now so that shows a lot of people think CR is worth it.

*We have to wait for another leak since CR is not publicly traded, in June 2011 there were 70,000 premium subscribers, the year before 30,000 subscribers. CR is also a profitable company as well. CR has grown a lot since 2008.
CR Community Manager
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Posted 8/7/12

*just read through the thread*

Simulcasts really are Crunchyroll's bread and butter. We are currently airing over 30 shows that are playing on Japanese TV this season.

While we may not be adding older shows at the same pace, we really do want to be the one stop shop for everything. We've recently added Xamd, Nightraid 1913, Anohana, Hell Girl, and we're going to be adding the first seasons of Dog Days and Moyashimon soon.

So we do get older content, it's just navigating contracts for older content is a little tricky.

That said, I hear you on the 'Hard to find good new shows' but I would say look around! Give things one or two episodes!

Things that I've been watching that are a lot of fun, and not within the norm.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Anyways, hope you stick with us and give the service a shot as we grow!
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Posted 8/10/12
Yes it's a good purchase, for fairly obvious reasons. IP Licensing will always cause problems, but what CR offers is good service. The administration pays attention to their user base and even free users don't have to deal with ads as much as other services. The playback method ensures good video quality, and unlike Netflix the priority is given to subtitled shows before dubbed ones (If possible I don't watch anything dubbed regardless of the language).
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