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What do you think of anime heroes who refuse to kiss or admit they're in love?
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Posted 8/15/12

Maiden_aya wrote:
But male characters who can't admit they love the girl, despite showing in countless ways they do, do kind of annoy me after a while. I like it in shojo, but male shonen characters like that make me want to pull my hair out.

LOL it DOES get annoying however if they just came out and said...."I love you" you know deep down you would feel cheated. Also the "making you want to pull out your hair" bit is what makes it all the more realistic. I mean honestly that's what the real men in our lives tend to do anyway.
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Posted 8/16/12
I guess in the end i want closure so of course by the end of the seroes im readu for the kiss and what not. When it doesnt come im always disappointed.
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Posted 8/17/12
Heros that dont admit there in love or even kiss are not heroes at all because a girl or guy that wants to kiss them needs them to be kiss back so they dont die from love. so really the person who is in love with the heroe needs to be saved. that makes sense right?
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