Is it just me or do you also prefer J-dramas over others?
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35 / M / Chesapeake, VA
Posted 8/12/12
First off, I'd just like to say that I am not hate'n so please don't get offended or try to start a battle of sides.

Is it just me, or do you also prefer J-dramas more then Chinese and Korean dramas? For me, it's more the language sound/tones. The others sounded more direct or harsher tones. How about to you? When I was addicted a few years back, I also noticed the Japanese dramas I watched had higher production value or better casting then K/C-dramas. Has that changed over the last few years? I know for sure there are great Chinese and Korean dramas but I have always leaned toward Japanese. I am not saying one is better then the other but if I had to pick a 2nd I'd go with K-dramas. It's just what I like more, but I think it's all the language. How about for you?
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 8/13/12
count me as one .... I purely watch jdrama and jmovie and anime... i am more use in hearing nihonggo maybe because i already watch tons of anime. Actually I can count on my fingers the korean dramas or any asian dramas that i watched.... I really prefer jdramas or jmovies over any asian dramas
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Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/13/12
I like Korean stuff better... like, I couldnt get through the Japanese version of Boys over flowers, but I liked the Korean one a lot.

As for scifi movies, I love the Japanese ones because they are sooooooooo ridiculous.
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