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Cage of Eden/Eden no Ori
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Posted 8/6/13 , edited 8/7/13
Okay so here is my theory of the story>>>>>>sorry if this is a little late I just finish the manga, that my friend recommended to me just a couple of weeks ago ..

They are not clones ,
the reason why akira woke up in a different area then most of the crew was because when the invisible beak (that came from the "monster that is larger then the megatherium" (found on chapter 178 page 004) bite through the plane which caused the plane to crash he and miyazki and the CA attendent fell through the hole miles away from the actual plane crash. that is the reason for akira's awakening away from the plane.

This is not akira's mom dream
The reason I can prove this because in the last 3 chapters they were heading up to the 4th floor through the door of eden (the artwork is identical to the picture miinas' dad had at his house when he introduce to akira's mom to the project) And the kids where freaking out , akira showed everyone the aging picture and they put the pieces together. Their plane warped them to the future. But get this , this is the kicker remember in the manga the students told of a "recurrence" of people just vanishing without a trace (they said this many times towards the end of the book) . It seems like them traveling to the future happened to many people before them . Anyway it turns out they unraveled the mystery of the island it was made as a Memorial to the lost people of the plane. how did the people die well at the end of the story miyazki said that there must be someone who felt guilty playing "god" so they created a suicide bomb << him tell us this and the flash back of akiras mom on the deathbed with her adopted daughter can only mean Frey , felt guilty of this experiments and end up killing off the whole island and escaping. The proof of this is when rion, yuki , akira, and the president of the school board fell prey to the bio hazard, and the group was trying to find a cure to help their friends they soon brought the realization of how the outbreak occurred and the people dying.

why was akira's mom so involved?
She was so involved because just like miinas father she wanted to remember her child , so they work together into building an island for the "lost children" not only that but at the end of the book when akira's mom was on her death bed she spoke that "she had an uncanny feeling that her child would appear on that island " so she made that island with little hope that her child might need it. And she was right if the island wasnt there the plane would have crash landed into the ocean and they would have died of either drowning or starvation for drifting out to sea. But get this in chapter 173 page 003 rion made a comment saying that riaka island was an anagram for akira's island!!! she said that akira's mom loves making anagrams. SO isnt it possible the reason that akira's mom took on the island was a memento for her child? also the reason the extinct animals was there was because miinas father wanted his daughter's passion of animals to live on even after death so he put all his resource into making one last momento gift to his daughter before he past away. thats why there was a monument of the tower in the center of the island " the most important tower" it was a gift to miina who was thought dead.

anyway there is a lot of explenation's that I have but my mind is so jumbled up That i cant think straight sorry if some of this doesnt make sense but reread the manga you will get it. But I agree with some of you they are missing something :


what happened to Hades and akiras' best friend?
who is Hades?
miyazki said the person who created the suiced bomb left on a helicopter with the biohazard on her , what happened after wards?
will they make it to japan?
will it still be the same?
also does that boat represent noah's ark?

those are my questions for now.

but again you guys I dont want to stress this enough they are not akira's moms "memories" and they were not "cloned", how would they get the dna to clone them? i mean they had to get over 1 billion dna to create the extinct animals how would they get enough to clone a human being? and thirdly why would they have them awaken in the middle of the forest with those monsters awaken 100years into the future isnt that dangerous ? why not just clone them while the scientist were alive? Plus if they were cloned and had them awaken is not viable i just remembered the book started them talking on the plane leaving guam, and then everything happened the plane crash and akira awaken after passing out to save ooomari the ca attendant and miyazki from the evil bird.

okay so im done here lol omg ,,, I have so much in my mind I want to type down but I dont know where to start ...!!!!!!! anyways I know this is late and I hope this helped ...btw I just made this account because I of this comment also Thank you
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23 / Hinamizawa
Posted 8/7/13 , edited 8/7/13
I really hated the ending I feel like I got trolled - the whole thing was so good and it was fun to think about different theories to the mystery and I was expecting some cool ending where they get a decent ending after going through hell, but it was such a sucky ending
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Posted 12/19/13 , edited 12/20/13
It's been so long since i've read this manga. I'm going to have to restart it and finish it. One of the saddest mangas around. Last thing i remember reading ....
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Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14

OMG you are the first person on any board that I have read that gets it. I even signed up just to agree with you on this theory. The whole Isuragi and Yuna arc they showed was a flashback of how Rakia Island came to be.

The plane crash I am still a bit iffy on an explanation but my thinking is the clones all had their old memories implanted into their heads when they were created and all "awoke" when the plane "went down". Which fits with the whole pilot saying they shouldn't have been able to land the plane. Whether or not the plane actually did crash or it was some elaborate setup to release the clones into the wild I'm not sure. It could also be that the plane was just sitting on the ground the whole time and like everyone was in stasis until the bird beast bit into the plane waking everyone up and that all their memories of the plane "crash" were memories of the real crash of the original kids. This might explain the half faded coin that Yarai was flipping in chapter 1 pg 20.

That theory makes so much sense, and too the dream that his mother had defiantly adds into it as well because it could be here dreaming that their finished work was finally be accomplished.
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Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14
Loved this manga. Ending left a little too much to be desired. Lol I honestly thought that it would end up being like some kind of 6th sense twist where they find out they're all dead and have been the entire time. Would have been better that way IMO. Still great though. I'm going to have to reread it again sometime in the future.
Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14
I think the ending of the manga screams for a continuation.
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Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/22/14
after finishing reading it, I really believe they just time traveled more so than any cloning theories.. they never found any bodies or plane wreckage in the past so no easy way to clone them, even more difficult to get accurate memories from any DNA they may have had to work with. Good manga though, not that disappointed in the ending to be honest.
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Posted 2/22/14 , edited 2/23/14
the coin part could of just been Yarai finding a coin some where on the island or it could of just simply been a coin he has keep throughout his entire life. Doesnt really show that they were in a statis or some sort of hybernation but either way the ending was rather stupid so hard to actually take any of these "possible" theory seriously.
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Posted 12/23/15 , edited 12/24/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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