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Clamp's, X/1999
Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/15/12
So....Anyone here watched the anime X/1999? Based off Clamp's amazing (but STILL incomplete) manga.

Personally, I'm a BIG Clamp fan, and X/1999 (or X) is my shared favorite manga by them. (The other two being Tokyo Babylon and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle).

I thought the anime version of X/1999 was pretty good, and it was nice to see the conclusion the anime drew up, considering the manga is not able to be completed presently. Here's how I rank it:

Animation - A

Art - A

Music - A

Story - B (Wish they didn't leave out important scenes in the manga and kept all the gore and violence, but it was nice to see an actual ending).

Characters - B (Again, left out manga scenes that gave more character development).

Overall - I'd give it a 7 1/2 out of 10.

Got to say though lol, this series does have shonen-ai implied in it, nothing major though. This is Clamp after all >_>

So...Anyone else seen X/1999? If so, what's your opinion? (And the horrible X movie doesn't count!)

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25 / F / Manila
Posted 8/16/12
I watched the whole thing but I haven't finished reading the manga.

Both are good, I loved everything about. However, I just wish they would finish the whole thing up. =|
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32 / M / Norcal
Posted 8/16/12
Hopefully Clamp gets to restarting the manga again if ever >_<
Arashi Kishu FTW!!!
Posted 8/16/12

Nanaya108 wrote:

Hopefully Clamp gets to restarting the manga again if ever >_<
Arashi Kishu FTW!!!

Heck yeah! I heard though, that they want to finish it but can't find any publishers because the events in the manga are too violent and too close to what happened in Japan recently.

Bummer! And I think that's crap anyways - what about all the other violent series, or series with connections to stuff that has happened in Japan?
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Posted 8/17/12 , edited 8/17/12
I loved the series. I wish it had a couple more episodes to expand the ending(the few episodes before had quite a bit of action and then the final battle felt rushed) and give some more character development(some like Sorata had entire episodes to their background but others like Kusanagi weren't seen much).

I never started reading the manga, is it worth it considering the manga will probably never end?

I only hated the movie because it confused the hell out of me with it's plot holes. After watching the series, seeing it again wasn't so bad.
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26 / F / Cerulean City
Posted 8/19/12
Well. I just adored the 24 episode tv series, it is one of my all time favorite animes, it would be on my top 10 list, and I'm glad I've found other people who appreciated it. Very underrated. I've never heard anyone argue that it was not good on one hand, but people just seem to not have seen it. The X movie on the other hand is another story...

The series does an impeccable job of helping to bring to life a wide variety of unusual characters, everyone is so charismatic and multi-faceted. Not one person in the series is all evil or good, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Clamp has such a mature understanding of the human personality. X brings together some of my favorite characters from the glittering halls of anime. Fuma Monou being one. It also has my favorite relationships. My favorite couple is Yuuto and Satsuki. Subaru and Seishiro are another favorite couple of mine.

Yes you're right, about your critique, it had atmospheric music, sleek artwork that has stood the test of time, and will continue to stand. As for the story, I think they were off to a good start. Its very dramatic. But it starts to feel rushed to me at about 3/4 full. I think it needed more than one season. But it was still such a rich world. I don't know how I feel about the ending most of all. But I can't really fault them since the manga is incomplete. I think they were a little trigger-happy sometimes by taking the liberty of bumping off lots of interesting characters when they didn't have too, when they were still alive in the source material, but I understood-- they were trying to bring about a conclusion. I think they also had trouble explaining Princess Hinoto's character arc and Arashi's, but like I said, I think this was more of a matter of time, if they had only had more. But this is getting dangerously close to spoilers. All in all, it was special and I liked it. I love Clamp's work, they're my favorite creators!
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Posted 8/19/12


Now that that's out of the way; Oh dear god... the mess of a movie that X is... much more of a fan of the TV series and manga. Hell, even then the only reason why I pulled through any of it was because I happen to have a crush on Satsuki (the girl who uses the super computer BEAST!) Ah... how she get's raped and killed by it (well not "raped" but nonetheless: violated).
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