All the writing Groups died?
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Posted 8/16/12
So I've been on a hiatus from Crunchy Roll for a few years and upon my arrival I noticed that not only did the writing group I was a moderator on die but also it seems every other writing group died as well. Does any one know of a writers group that is still active?
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Posted 8/16/12
Assuming you've visited the usual places on CR for fan fiction and found no one or semblance of a group within it is a possibility those writers have moved on. There used to be a gathering of manga and would be fiction writers that met twice monthly here where I reside but their enthusiasm dwindled when everyone either graduated from MU or matriculated through a new phase of life and moved on. Their website still exists but none of the data has been updated since 2008.

You might try perusing the Fan Fiction section again. can start a new thread asking for volunteers, aspiring writers, wayward redemptive trolls to join your group. I suspect many aspiring fiction or non-fiction writers exist within the community awaiting their respective metamorpheses. Good luck!
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