The Crucible/Silenced 2011
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Posted 8/20/12
Korean film

In 2005 a shocking set of sexual abuse cases happened at a school for deaf girls. The teachers involved received relatively light sentences - that maybe about to change. SILENCED, based on a novel details the drama that went during that horrific time in perhaps one of the most controversial films of the year. As of the time of writing, the entire nation is in an uproar, that at the very least, reveals in stark detail the power of film. The film has also been at number one for weeks.

What can I say? it was a really good film. According to some people it was so "scary" and heart breaking that they had to shield their eyes while's the trailer
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Posted 8/21/12
Looks interesting. I know several ppl that work w/ victims of abuse... I wonder what they'd think of the movie.
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