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Post Reply Design your own Sword Art Online avatar ~ ! Win AMAZING PRIZES.
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Posted 8/31/12

HitokaBLU wrote:

demastro wrote:

my art may not be as good as you all but i think my real life pic makes ups for it. i would like your input,

- w- nice pose in your rl pic
I really like your armor design :'D

thanks :)
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24 / M
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
Haha,cant believe i finished it~!
well,im representing the team of traditional art with pen and watercolour with absolutely no knowledge in SAI or PS(T^T),here's my SAO character for this contest:

Story and Background:

A little somethin about her weapon i guess?: parched....:

NOTE: There's a whip-user in SAO. She appeared in 'Morning-Dew Girl' in the light novel under SAO side stories that goes by the name of Yuriel~

Posted 8/31/12

akayashi_ wrote:

Here's my entry to the contest!

My avatar and I don't really look alike but, well, game characters are supposed to be very pretty X3 I'm glad I made it on time! Making my entry for the contest was super fun.

Gawd I love the coloring done on this one.
It always amaze me how people can color like this.
Especially for hair. All that highlighting and shading confuses me.
The coloring for my entry doesn't compare at all lol

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36 / M / Arkansas
Posted 8/31/12
Only read if you wanna find out about Kageki's heroic form, even though there is not pic.

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25 / F / Midwest
Posted 8/31/12
I wish I had more time ^_^

Please don't shun my precious 3 hour scribbles

Since they showed potions I assume there are people who would make them. I generally use the same name everywhere so her name is also Tac.
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23 / F
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12

Herp. I just found out about this contest this morning, hence the sketch dump quality.
There are many great entries! ;'D Well. I had fun.

relined and reworked the outfit for some neatness.
Unfinished color because of time restraint
I thought that the outfit should be more comfortable to sneak around in
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60 / F / Land of Enchantment
Posted 8/31/12
um where do you post the picture at >.>
Posted 8/31/12

radenetdale wrote:

um where do you post the picture at >.>

you just post it here
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M / U.K
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
heres my entry with background

and without background

hahah no legs ...coz it didnt fit on camera ..sorry for that ...

A demon hunter heheheh who likes to solo bosses and dungeons , rarely forms party .....
IGN: Red Devil
class: Swordsman/tanker/demon hunter
,,,,well its my first time doing something like this and participating in a competition glad that i made it in time ..

EDIT:owww god ...looks soo lame compared to others ...darn
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New york.
Posted 8/31/12

Deroux wrote:

Yeahh here it is I guess.

Background story n' stuff.

Picture of me

yeah this was pretty fun, all the submissions and stuff were all great and fun to look at.

Dude, i want to see this one in the Anime! I could so see him sacrificing himself to save Asuna for some reason.
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42 / F / pristina
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12

name : Alise
sword name : Devile Dance
level :91

name : Mimori
sword name : Blue-Moon
level : 94

I made ​​2 avatar and I did not know which painting is the best so I choose both
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21 / M / United States of...
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12

Entry Information

Name: Martin Quach
Email: [email protected]



One Handed Sword - 1000 «Mastered»
Parry - 1000 «Mastered»
Block - 1000 «Mastered»
Hiding - 778
Battle Healing - 788
Tracking - 890
Twin Guardna «Unique Skill» - «Mastered»
Looting - 956
Sprint - 700
Hunting - 839


「Cosmic Blazar」 (One Handed Straight Sword - 44th floor boss drop)
「Delta Twin Shields」 (Unique Skill Unlock)
「Helio Dagger」 (Handcrafted)
「Tempest Skeletal Armor」(Purchase)

Background Information

Ryner was one of the last people to get the netgear during the release of Sword Art Online. Skipping his college exam didn't bother him but certainly was his most worst decision when he gets trapped in the game with the other 10,000 players. Ryner quickly passed through numerous obstacles and was considered a natural of the game but soon that makes him a suspected beater which he isn't. The reason for him to fight was to leave the game and return to his lover in the real world. Though Ryner doesn't like fighting on the front lines despite his skill, he instead he creates his own guild called the "Inferno Guardians."Consisting of 10 Members, his guild's main objective is to train and support the low level players to prepare for boss fights. His leadership pars with his determination to support all his teammates in combat thus grants him the Unique Ability known as "Twin Guardna." With this new skill, Ryner uses it to the full extent to protect his comrades from death in battle, rushing to aid to anyone in danger. His reputation gives him the nickname, " The Guardian Soldier." His guild may not be the largest but are one of the top 10 guilds most strongest guilds that are trying their best to clear the game.

"I shall not heed to danger, but protect you from it." - Ryner Kannagi
"Those who run should keep running while I run towards danger." - Ryner Kannagi
"This is a mere game, strength is a lie but your emotions aren't." - Ryner Kannagi
Posted 8/31/12

wow it looks really good, even though i have to say you've got some really tough competition, can't wait to see the final version of it this looked better than i expected
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Posted 8/31/12

SaMeGo-Ame wrote:

Nassa is a Sub-Leader in the infamous orange guild Drunken Beatles. The Guild focus on scavenging and thievery as means of surviving in the game. The Guild does not PK.

Guild position:
Nassa is one of the members who steals equipments and items for the guild . The stolen goods are later appraised, repaired or altered before being sold.

Her weapon is self-made, combining a shield and a split sword. It is called Lucanus (another name for stag beetle :3) It can be used as a sword or a pincher to twist and grab the opponent's sword during a duel.

She is a serious and stubborn person. She is stuck in the game with her sister, so in order for the both of them to survive, she is willing to do anything. The head of the guild, a blacksmith, was the first person in SAO that helped her and gained her trust.

In SAO, she was the unlucky thief that stole one of Kirito's sword only to be hunted down by him X_X

I always play as thief or dual swordsman in RPG and having a sister-complex, i think this is how i would probably end up in SAO =_=

Name: Nassa
Level: 86
Equipped Skills:
one handed switchblade <<unique skill>> - 906
light shield equipment - 790
emergency recovery - 743
stealing 1000 - <<mastered>>
acrobatics 1000 - <<mastered>>
sprint - 920
hiding - 1000 <<mastered>>
tracking - 844
equipment appraisal - 597
slow-motion vision - 900

decided to post a pic of myself =///= ...for the bonus points =_=

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20 / F / Canada
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/2/12
Real Name: Melina
Avatar Name: Mercia
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Class: Swordsman
Level: 60
Equipment: Heart Sword, Golden Heart Armor, a Bow shield [which is made of metal and you take it off your hair when needed], the "ribbon" looking things that wrap around her arms are not actually made of metal and act as a guard so her arms won't get cut off.


Me [sorry it's a little blurry]:
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