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Post Reply Design your own Sword Art Online avatar ~ ! Win AMAZING PRIZES.
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Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12

I have the paper draft in case anyone thought this wasn't my illustration.

Age - 19
Level - 92
Class - Heavy Swordsman

Story: Evkenn plays SAO as tank, it is rare to see a tank that uses a 2-handed weapon instead of the traditional shield and main-hand weapon. He is a solo player but is active within the community as a tank for hire which is often the case. When Evkenn is not on the front lines he spends all his time collecting materials for his smith. The smithy used to be owned by another player who put all their time only into blacksmithing. That player was Evkenn's mentor in the craft but was killed by a PKer and the deed to the smith was given to Evkenn.

Evkenn doesn't have any close friends only friendly quaintness, this isn't because he is rude or short with anyone he would just rather not have to deal with the loss of a friend. He works well with anyone and doesn't make any enemies, even the un-friendly PKers don't try to stab their weapons into his back...or maybe it's just because they are intimidated.

Stats: 2-Handed Swords - MAX
Blacksmithing - MAX
Heavy/Light Armour - MAX
Dodge/Speed/Dex - 900
Strength - 811
Cooking - 500
Sneak - 100
Detection/Perception - 989

Character unique stats: - Evkenn's back breaking time spent at the forge with steal and hammer has made him ridiculously resistant to heat/fire. It has also increased his strength and reflex time.

- From the moment Evkenn stepped into the world of Sword Art Online he has only put all weapon stats into 2-handed weapons, giving him unique abilities like [Obliterate]: Evkenn smashes his weapon into the ground crippling and causing massive damage to all enemies within a 50 yard radius including sea and land creatures.

- The interesting thing about Evkenn being a 2-handed wielding tank is his approach at blocking incoming damage. e doesn't, all of his dodge/speed and dexterity points make him as fast or faster than a dps player. His detection and perception certainly help him avoid unknown boss attacks.

Sorry for the long post, this is my first time posting on Crunchyroll. After looking through this thread I must say that I love this community. :)

I couldn't find the photo I wanted of me that has similar hair style to my image but this will have to do.

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22 / M / Southern California
Posted 8/31/12

Rychy wrote:

Nice! I really like your sketches.


Thanks so much!
Did you enter this contest too? there's so many entries that i forget the avatars of those that submitted their work...
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 8/31/12
I'm surprised at the lack of bishonen here...
Anyway, here's my entry.

Name: Aldren
Level: 61
Class: Freelance Swordsman
He's a solo player but will do quests for others if it means getting paid.
Personality: A polite young man with a strong sense of duty. He usually keeps to himself, but is open to those close to him. Aldren is determined to make it to the end of the game, even if his priorities waver due to personal matters. He wears a red ribbon around his forearm in memory of his friend who was killed earlier in the game.

And a picture of myself:
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Posted 8/31/12
bah, The second time I actually used alcohol-based markers and I am doing this the last day... will upload soon
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Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
I know it's not original and that stuff :l But I thought it would be fun xD

Soooo sorry if I wrote something wrong T_T

LOL sad story xD .. I know the story wasn't necessary, but I don't know D: is it against the rules? xD

Skills o.O she has a lot of them .__. and it's a SECRET e_e LOL u_u okay no ... I don't know xD

Thanks for looking at my simple drawing
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Posted 8/31/12
and I'm late. :c
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58 / F / Land of Enchantment
Posted 8/31/12
Name: MattDesertDemon
Level: 98
Play Style: Solo Pleyer
Weapon: Great Sword
Head: None
Shoulder: Mythril Shoulder Armor
Chest: Mythril Breast Plate
Leggin: Mythril Leggin
Feet: Mythril Boots
Back: Silk cape
Weapon: Choas Great Sword
Sword Block
Power Charge
Multi Slash
Savage Leap
Hundred Blades

Matt Was a Beta Tester in SoA he reached the 20th floor and when the game finally released he jumped on as fast as he could he only wanted to play for a hour but when he tried to log out he noticed that the log off feature was not available. he figured it was a glitch and waited for the problem to be resolved. 30 min later he was teleported to the arena area and was told the news by the creator. he then made it his mission to beat the game.

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28 / F / Midwest, USA
Posted 8/31/12
here's my submission:
Better last minute than never :)

Bonus pic ^.^ :

Posted 8/31/12

I had this great idea at the last hour and rushed it.
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23 / F / ...somewhere over...
Posted 8/31/12

Wow there are some seriously crazily good entries here...
I feel bad for the people have to choose the winners since I've seen so many good entries. Its going to be super hard choosing one...

Well here is my entry... I usually do traditional art and sometimes illustrator but decided to try using Photoshop this time for it....definitely a challenge....

(Side note/question: would people who do computer based artwork would you suggest me to buy a tablet? And if so what kind?
I've been curious if it is worth it or not? )

Details of SAO Character:
Solo Player (unless finding one or two close people along the way. Definitely not a large guild member or someone on the front lines....im definitely too chicken for that...)
Weapon of Choice: Spear
Line of Work: Merchant specifically Blacksmith.


Can't get the extra points though...cause frankly...i hate photos of myself too much.... maybe i can find a good one.......if there is such a thing.

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Posted 8/31/12
Hey, can someone answer me when this contest ends? I mean, I wanna know what's the time zone used in crunchyroll, so that I will know how many hours I still have left. Is it San Francisco -8:00?
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19 / F
Posted 8/31/12
O_O It's so cool ... You should win xD
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Posted 8/31/12
Name: Willis
Level: 54
Class: Swordsman
He is a solo player, but will also be willing to join a party.
Personality: Willis is calm and reserved, he can be flustered at times, but he can be diplomatic and dependable in times of need.
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Posted 8/31/12

chrissyviolet wrote:


Thank you! I'm happy you think so.
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12
This is my submission

and this is a picture of myself
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