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Post Reply Design your own Sword Art Online avatar ~ ! Win AMAZING PRIZES.
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F / Canada
Posted 8/31/12
Didn't realize the deadline was so soon! Had to rush at the end, but it was fun creating this guy! The green really did not transfer well to jpg, unfortunately.
Reason for drawing him: I always choose middle-aged men as my characters in RPGs I play.

And there's an actual photo of me. 27 , and a girl to boot.
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29 / M / Colorado, USA
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12
I'm glad I submitted this in time. This is big news personally, as my art skills had been in hibernation a very long time. That means I am thoroughly happy that this contest was the bit I needed to complete a work! Sword Art Online means a lot to me, it has much personal relevance. I've been watching this contest daily (hourly actually) and have been loving every submission. This contest has been a lot of fun, so thank you CR, and thank you parties behind SAO (I'd usually credit properly, but I've been at this too long). SAO, the contest, and the many awesome submissions have really driven up my inspiration ^_^

"If I were in Sword Art Online", this is absolutely the aesthetic I'd go for: a derivative of my actual appearance! I tried my best to keep the "detail level" around the official designs, as they're not as over the top as fantasy may get. I've been working since this contest first went up, but it seems my return was very slow. I'm happy with the main details, but rushing towards the end made me degrade the scythe coloring and background. Since I am so fueled with inspiration, I'll continue working past the end of the contest.

As far as class concept goes:

And diving deeper into "If I were in SAO":

As you can see, it is a derivative of my real clothes! The mask is a real thing too, but I never finished the mask since I have not yet moved forward with my plans for my web series. I promise to entertain in due time! (yes, these are my standard clothes, I hope to drive up public aesthetic)

Both of which derived from this old design I did for preparing to make my clothes:
Posted 8/31/12





Hope you guys like these pictures
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27 / Tokyo
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
Finally! After days of hard work, I am finally done with my entry! Since I don't have fancy tools like Photoshop or drawing tablets, I had to draw these using pen and paper, and then add some details using MS Paint. With that said and done, I present to you my SAO character, Sayuri Arisaka!

Sayuri without her armor:

Sayuri striking a victory pose after taking down a boss monster by herself:


Sayuri Arisaka
Age: 15
Sex: F
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Hobby: Mechanical Design
Affinity: Chaotic Good


Equipment Information:

Skill Descriptions

Combat Tactics

Proof of Work
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23 / M / California
Posted 8/31/12

bonus me :D
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22 / F / UK
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
Here's mine!

Name: Azami
Age: 15
Floor reached: 60
Level: 53

Still not good with the average level/floor ratio...

And you want a photo of me...


I can't upload more than one image in a post, so I'll put my pic in the next post XD
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22 / F / UK
Posted 8/31/12

There you are, me with my hamster.

I like hamsters, OK?

Posted 8/31/12
Cmon! Just a few more minutes till the deadline....i think. Good luck to everyone!
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18 / Teehee
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
okay i hope this works! Here is my Character!!!

Name: Hikari
Level: 27
Floors reached: 49
Guilds: None/Solo Player

I did the color and outlining ALL by hand, which means there was no computer involved except for uploading images!

I hope you like! ^^

This pic isn't large enough to see my signature, but my signature is

Hikari Hime
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Posted 8/31/12
Stuck with your bed head after the avatar mirroring?
Need a change in pace?
A make over may be just your thing!
Meet <Fashionist> Key, a streetwise designer doing business with adventurers looking for some spice in their mundane level grinding lives.

He styles, tailors, and crafts temporary wigs, clothing, and more to mask over default character and item sprites in the game.
Though the masking items he creates are purely aesthetic and serve no combat benefit, they are quite popular among wealthy citizens who have extra money to spend.
Of course, if your masking item runs out of durability and breaks, you'll need to appoint him once again to get a new one crafted.

Those familiar MMORPGs might compare him to a Cash Shop merchant.

Next time you find yourself wanting to be a pretty little girl again, try your luck crafting with Key's dextrous hands of wonder!

Preliminary Sketches:
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Posted 8/31/12
Yo it's Flarekage! Here is my SAO entry! His name is Shizaku! He is your average anime hero (that looks awesome). He likes pizza, girls, friendship, hope, teamwork, and the color red. He dislikes evil, injustice, greed, vanity, lust, and any other bad flaw. He is a level 45 Knight and he wields the sword Moltenrathe. His Sword Art Skill is the 真紅亡命 (Shinku Bomei : English: Crimson Exile).

Check out my DeviantArt! :

Submission of piece on DeviantArt:

As you see I put a lot of effort matching the artstyle of that of SAO....Whew..

Original manuscript of the piece:

EXTRA: Here's me! I iz so uglyful!

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26 / M / California
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12

Name: Polupu

LV: 52

Class: Beast tamer

Pet: Boar vanguard MK II

The veil/cape thingie is an item that shrouds the wearer and lowers the aggro rate from mobs, perfect for a beast tamer. And the weapon is a decorative hammer that just looks nice, since Boar vanguard MKII does everything, Polupu doesn't even need a weapon...

Haven't created a original character in such a long time, got a little too excited and got carried away haha.

Could've done a better job if I started like yesterday or something >_>...

Maybe i'll upload a picture of me later, but for now I just want to meet the deadline.

My face, open at your own risk :3

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24 / F
Posted 8/31/12

Her name is Lucile and even though SAO does not have classes, she did her best to upgrade her stats to be sort of a <<Scout>> type character. She was so terrified of dying in the game that she thought "If I can kill the enemy first, then they won't even have a chance to scratch me." and so she spent a lot of time training her speed stats and honed enemy search skills to stay clear of any ambushes. Her choice of armor involves something strong enough to protect her from getting easily killed, but light enough to keep her great speed.

She uses a dagger that she got from a monster drop within a side dungeon on the 36th floor that her party frequents. They pretty much left the frontlines to the clearers and focused on making enough Coll to live comfortably in the game until the game was cleared. Her role in the party is to quickly hit the enemy to stun it, allowing another member to switch in afterwards. It was a safe strategy.

But then she had gotten too attached to her party members. This was different from her actual life; she actually had people she could trust her life with now - friends. Lucile unfortunately met her death while trying to save one of them from a monster they tried to handle alone. Her HP dropped to 0 as she defeated the monster and said "Hey... do you think we can stay friends once we get out...?" and disappeared, knowing that she was able to protect the one of the people she grew to trust. The tall boy she saved then picked up the dagger that was dropped to the floor on the spot Lucile disappeared, equipped it, and walked off to defeat the other enemies spawning a few feet away.

GOSH my friend just told me about this yesterday morning and I just had surgery and knocked out for a day and a half until just now. I hope I made the deadline (technically there's still a few minutes to Sept 1st in PST!). ^_^;
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25 / F
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/4/12


Playstyle: Green Mercenary

level 89

Main equipment:
Wolf's bane

Two Handed polearm - 1000 <mastered>
Blade throwing - 564
Leather equipment - 733
Familiar recovery - 819
Familiar Communication - 672
Extended weight limit - 802
Acrobatics - 754
Sprint - 650
Night Vision - 328
Tracking - 698
Cooking - 590
Sewing - 341

Tamed beast - Mao the Owl Griffin
~skills: heal, wind scythe

YAY LAST FEW MINUTES! Couldn't finish though, shouldn't have procrastinated with color... and I still haven't decided what I like better. Hmm, maybe I'll link other color options later, but for now I'm turning in for the night x_x



Me an the boyfran~ (cause it'll embarass him ;D)

<Edit 2>

My friend told me to have this as my story so here it goes:

I'm awful at writing if you can't tell already
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21 / # # # # # # # # T...
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12
Name: Altehya
Gender: Female
Level: 84
Class: Dragon Tamer and Assassin
Weapon: Scorpion Stinger Twin Sword Set
Secondary: Potions (Not spells) Meaning she has many "potions" which are poisons that she throws at monsters. So she also has little daggers with poison on the tips of them on her belts

Picture of Character :

Note: I really wanted to go more in depth with her sleeves(Sort of like the ones on her shoes). SO you can imagine some kind a pretty design on her sleeves as well as her front side. (The Belts are not very good and I'm truly sorry about that. You can imagine brown belts holding a lot of miniature bottles (That hold poisons) and their are many colors in the bottles but mostly purple. And they are miniature little daggers in her belts and pockets too. ^-^ I hope that gave you a better visual of my character!

Picture of me:

Yay! I just made it! Sorry about the poor coloring but I wanted to give you an example of the colors I wanted. I just made it Few! Perhaps I will upload a better qaulity one after, I just need to get this in ; A ; (That is I didn't make it a digital art picture) (t did look better withought color but oh well!! I don't regret it at all! Forget regrets! ) sorry! Good luck to everyone and thanks soo much for this contest! I really hope you like it!! I will edit her backround after I upload it ^-^

Background Story: Altheya (All-teh-yah) really loves to play video games and of course she thought that SAO would be a really cool game to play!
So when she found out that she was stuck in the game of course she did not want to die. She is a sensitive person but someone that will never give up. Even though many times she would cry of fear of never seeing her family again, It made her even stronger and more determined to get home. Her sword are two swords called a " Scorpion Stinger Twin Sword Set" but she had always wanted to be something else other than a healer or mage of some sort. But of course the game did not have those types of classes. She wanted to go out of the box and do something different than anyone else. She decided to mix her own concoctions she could use during battle. She even got ingredients from stores, such as paralysis potions, and healers. And also rare items that monsters would drop. It is hard to see but her outfit (Sorry again about the poor coloring) has many belts and pockets that hold her concoctions that she can use during battle. Including little daggers which, at the tips, hold a dap of poison. She hides these with a purple cape (I didn't go into depth with it because I wanted to show her main features but again, I had to rush but I really did the best I could do in that time :D) Her method surprisingly works very well for her.

She is the person who would not be the leader of a guild but would be a very important one. When a person strikes the attacker she will then sneak right up to them and, as quick a lightning, would vanish after she poisoned them. She also has many original potions she makes herself to help her team mates. She also probably wouldn't stay in the guild permanently. She would rather travel around more and meet new people while at the same time, determined to win her way back home.

Altheya also has always been an animal lover so she is also a dragon tamer. So obviously her main theme is "poison" because of her sword name and what she does and that she has a snake that can also bite attackers with venom.

I absolutely fell in love with this story and I have to say this is really original and SUPER DEE DUPER ENTERTAINING!! I really hope you consider my drawing and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Each and everyone is awesome! Except for those stupid cheaters...But other than that thank you soo much for this contest! And talk to ya soon Crunchyroll!!! :DDDD

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