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Post Reply Design your own Sword Art Online avatar ~ ! Win AMAZING PRIZES.
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Posted 5/19/15
I think that all of them are amazing i wish i knew how to do that.
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Posted 11/17/15 , edited 11/19/15
18 years old
long sword: magicona

Before Sao:

In Sao:

After Sao:


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17 / M / The Hidden Leaf V...
Posted 11/30/15
Looks great
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Posted 12/26/15 , edited 12/26/15
My name is actually Lisbeth irl :p i would also say if i was in SAO or ALO or any VR MMORPG, i would look like how i'm described


Appearance:pale skin, An orange and a pink cat eye, 5'1" petite and flat chested (literally irl my body xD) pastel pink long(down to knees) twin braids, with bangs and some hair on the sides to frame my face,

Clothes/Armor:Some sort of cute pastel pink/white/pastel orange, outfit with a skirt that has a gothic/lolita feel to it, like the reaper outfit from tera that has the ripped sheers with sparkles in them and stuff etc... or if i had to be basic, something similar to the character from SAO but with my color scheme. depends.

Weapons:Pink/Silver Chain Sythes :3

(if i were in ALO i'd either be a cait sith, or a Pooka, but most likely a Pooka >-<) i don't have a drawing tablet or anything and i'm not the BEST artist... so i thought i'd just describe it instead of draw it cuz... i can't ;-; lol, btw, i just thought i'd design my own character (iv'e had this character design for myself since before seeing SAO >-< ) (after reading some other cool comments, i realized this was a contest maybe? welp XD i'm not here for that dw :p)
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