Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
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35 / M / San Jose, CA
Posted 8/23/12
The new transformers game came out this week, has anyone played it yet. I've heard it is better than War for Cybertron, I'm hoping that is true. But it seems that some companies have been using the Transformers IP to make a quick buck, Transformers: The Game, and Dark of the Moon come to mind . I hope this is more like War for Cybertron like they say . Well if you played this game, let me know what you think.
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26 / M / Griffin GA
Posted 8/27/12
it was a great game just wished the campaign was longer didnt care for multiplayer
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 9/16/12
It was a great game, amazing story connecting to War for Cybertron, and they brought in more classic characters (i.e. the insecticons, and the dinobots). I highly recommend it if you liked the first. I only played a bit of the multiplayer, seems pretty similar to the first online, which wasn't bad.
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20 / M / New York
Posted 10/1/12
I loved the game they brought in so many characters you know and loved also many lines from the show and movies. dident care for the multiplayer they could have made it another disk for all i care Story could have been a little longer I feel from different characters ends The insecticons shockwave ect
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