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How do you feel about other anime fans?
Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/24/12
I keep to myself mainly, but I shouldn't judge a large number of people I personally don't know by their passion over some animation.
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Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/25/12

j226109 wrote:

I keep to myself about anime. It's like a dirty little secret i don't want anyone finding out about. although every once in a while i talk to people about Mecha or Gundam related things, but only if they bring it up first.

Lol i'm similar unless it's close friends.
Here in England about 99% have got it in their heads that all anime is weird and disturbing.
As soon as CR is out on xbox though everybody will know and i'm not appearing offline just to prevent the shunning lol.

Posted 10/25/12 , edited 10/25/12
I really don't care... about other anime fans or other gaming fans...

I really don't like to be in a group with a label... do the same things, wear the same colours etc.

I like individuality.
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Posted 10/27/12 , edited 10/27/12
Not anime fans who complain about which anime is better than which.
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Posted 10/29/12 , edited 10/29/12

Sarchy wrote:
I personally find anime-watchers annoying, immature, or just having bad taste.

SO. What about you?

For the most part I agree. ;; But I chalk it up to them being human beings more than being anime fans...they're in every hobby, and you just learn to identify the ones who annoy you and the ones who don't.
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Posted 12/19/12 , edited 12/19/12
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Posted 12/19/12 , edited 12/20/12
Good anime is in the eye of the beholder. If everybody didn't like different things, they wouldn't make so many genres. Moreover, I think the world would be a very boring place if everybody liked the same things.

Music snobs, anime snobs, and art snobs are all the same. They preach about how what they like should be accepted, then talk about how what they prefer is better and rag on people who have different tastes. Hypocrites.
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Posted 12/21/12 , edited 12/21/12
depend on the other fan
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Posted 12/22/12 , edited 12/22/12
It really depends, I generally get a long with the Anime fans I know even though we can have different tastes in the stuff we watch.I have gotten into a lot of Anime from other fans and vice-versa.

Every so often I do come across an Anime snob, people like that do tend to get my my nerves quite a lot but I know that not all Anime fans are the same.

So in general I love other Anime fans because I have people who I can discuss my favourite shows with and people who can get me into new shows I never knew about or thought about watching.
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Posted 12/22/12 , edited 12/22/12
uh well sometimes the fans get annoying i mean some of them care about looks when it comes to anime guys and they couple them up with themselves or with anime girls i do not like.
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Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/23/12
I don't care. Who care lol. People like what they like. Its them.
Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/23/12
I think dedicated anime fan are awesome, like the ones who will join me on a cosplaying venture at cons or work on awesome fancreations~

But those who only like yaoi or yuri or hentai I think less of than others... There are a lot of teen guys who just watch stuff like HoTD, and only for the underwear shots....

I don't care if someone likes Naruto, or even if Sakura is their favorite character (much), as long as they don't hate on Hayao Miyazaki or my favorite anime~
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20 / F / No O: !
Posted 12/24/12 , edited 12/24/12
Some of then are really annoying, especially when that's all they talk about every time, owo
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