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Posted 8/24/12
Good day everyone,

I am a Technical Recruiter out of the Washington DC metropolitan. I have hiring managers flying in from Japan to conduct interviews for the branch office here. They are looking for professionals to help provide helpdesk support for their Japanese users. Below is a brief summary of what they are looking for. If you or anyone you know is in the area and has an interest, please follow up with me.

-Must possess capable analysis & troubleshooting skills and the ability to diagnose issues and communicate with customers within the client product offering and the environments they operate.
-Effective communication skills are required, both written and verbal.
-A TSS is expected to approach their work in a detail-oriented, well-organized fashion and to further develop a thorough knowledge of client's products and understanding of standard and customer-specific EDI business processes.

-Siebel experience is a plus.

The Technical Support Specialist (TSS) represents client as a first point of contact to all callers.
A TSS is responsible for the following:
-Providing technical support to customers via the telephone and/or electronic format.
-Solving moderately complex issues regarding functionality and usage of client's products.

Thank you,

Adrian Sykes
Professional Recruiter
Insight Global, Inc.
1921 Gallows Rd. Suite 850
Vienna, VA 22182
(703) 442-7717 Office
(703) 442-7716 Fax
IGI Dial: 3868

[email protected]
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M / burning embers
Posted 8/24/12
ugh if only I knew japanese
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27 / M / in a world where...
Posted 8/24/12 , edited 8/24/12

asykes wrote:


do you have permission from CR to make this thread? it sounds like advertising to me which isn't permitted on the forums but if it's allowed by CR it's okay
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Posted 8/24/12
To be honest, I have never posted anything before in a forum so I am not familiar with the rules of engagement. i am not trying to solicit anything malicious. I have been a member for years and I thought it would be a good opportunity to help others out. I hope they don't ban my post. Its all about connecting people right?
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23 / M / Demacia
Posted 8/28/12
well, try to talk with the big fansubs

in a few months they will disappear cause the anime now will be more and more legal

try contacting UTW fansub and athena no seinto fansubs most of them are fluent in japanese, english and some in spanish :)

unfortunely my old fansub just translate from english to spanish u_u
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