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✖ Le Park
Posted 8/29/12
"then I'll accompany you there"
Trini stood up and motioned her to lead the way
Posted 8/30/12
"Um. Okay? I was really going back just because I was hungry." Emilina looked down feeling guilty. She chuckled a bit. "Sorry about not clarifying that earlier."

Posted 8/30/12
"she wants you to leave comrade"
The voice spoke softly in his head
" ooh well, uhm then perhaps I should leave "
Posted 8/30/12
"Wait? What? I was going to the dining hall. You're leaving too?" Emilina was confused. "Goodbye then?"

Posted 8/30/12
"she wants me to go? You said"
"I apologize"
The voice and trin argued in his head
"oh Iam sorry the voice in my head confused me do you mind if I join you"
Posted 8/30/12
Emilina laughed. "I'm going to have to get used to that. A normal person would be quite freaked out." She twiddled her thumbs. "Um, no I don't mind. I guess."

Posted 8/30/12
" you never really do"
trin smiled happly and motioned her to lead the way
" then if you dont mind, lead the way"
Posted 8/30/12
Emilina giggled. "Oh. M'kay." She locks her behind her back, giving a small smile and silently walks ahead of Trin. "Are you even hungry?" She looked over her shoulder when she asked.

Posted 8/30/12
"I could eat"
The voice complained
"ummm no not really but I could eat"
Following close behind her
Posted 9/23/12
"Oh. Let's go then."
(This is late, I'm so sorry. Let's migrate to the dining hall forum.)
Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12
(dont worry about it ,alright ill meet you there)
Trin smiled and followed her
"alright then"
Posted 9/24/12

(Okay. I posted there.)
Black Butterflies
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Posted 9/27/12
Nao walks a few steps leading to the park, even though it's Midnight Nao didn't care at all. She just wants to get some fresh air and take a short walk.
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