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Posted 8/25/12 , edited 8/29/12
This art contest to see who can draw Inori the best. It can be a digital drawing, or a drawing you do by hand. It can be colored or shaded. It can even be a line art (where you don't shade or color). You can use any media you like.

The pictures should be kept appropriate. No perverted drawings!!!
Don't stress out!
And most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Prizes will be a drawing of your choosing from ethier Avenger67 or I.

Contest ends SEPTEMBER 5th.
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heres my photo

Sorry this photo was badly scaned >_<
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Congratz for winning Avenger67! I'm sorry I can't do much since you're the only one that entered. I just wanted to tell you that you did an AMAZING job at drawing Inori. Thanks you for your hard work!!! Good job!!!!!
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aw. I missed it? Ah oh wells. Congratz Avenger67 :3
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