Medaka Box: Who could you see voicing soon-to-be animated characters?
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Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
With Medaka Box, the psycho gag-battle manga, having a second season on the way..
..who could you see voice some of the more iconic characters within the series?

This thread really only applies to people who have read the manga.

I myself could see Kumagawa Misogi voiced by Hiro Shimono, (voice of Akihisa Yoshii & Keima Katsuragi).
Not sure why, but I feel that it fits.
Although, Kumagawa won't be making a full appearance until a third season.
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Posted 8/31/12
im not much a seiyuu fan but as long as they deliver the voices with the right emotion then its fine
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Posted 8/31/12
Have to say I am really curious about how they are going to voice Unzen's Sister and Kumagawa (assuming we even get to Kumagawa)
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