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Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/1/12
You and your spouse have the most wonderful child in your eyes. He/she has grown up to be a respectful, opinionated human being but you can still see that they make mistakes here and there, as it is to be human. They aren't perfect in appearance or skills, but who is? You still love he/she and he/she still loves you.
All of that changed in two words.
Car crash.
You heard about it at work and rush to the hospital, demanding to see your child. You wait in the pale waiting room for a doctor to come to you. When one does, the news in not good. Your child's body had been mangled beyond repair; however, his/her brain is intact. The doctor informs you of a new technology that can save your child. They can "download" your child's brain into a synthetic body that will be perfect in every way, and will never break. Or die.You will have all the time in the world with your child.

Would you bring back your child or let them rest in peace?

Note: Sorry, to clarify the child is 20 years old.
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Posted 8/31/12
Because Im a firm believer in assisted death, I would let my child die. Selfish as this sound, I wouldn't allow my child to be here in life yet not and do believe they would want the same. Life is meant to be lived once not twice and as this scenario depicts "my" child in my eyes had stopped living. Life isn't something to be tampered with and its either tamper or let go and I would choose to let go. Tough call though to be coherent and listen to your parents make that decision.

Good scenario very controversial
Posted 8/31/12 , edited 9/2/12

I believe I would let the child die, because, the child(or I guess a man/woman now, but whatever)would be dead but a live, it's no longer a person, yes it has the thinking of one, but all technology created does, so in my eyes it's just a robot, which everyone will disrespect because, it's different, and we all know how bad any other piece of technology is treated, the same will be for the child. The child would lose humanity, and eventually go crazy because, when you are the only one that is like that and you live forever, then you will eventually go mad. It would also lose it's ability to feel, they couldn't feel pain, tickle, warmth, nothing, and I know how that feels like, it's painful and you feel emptiness.
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Posted 9/17/12

It took me no time to think about this answer. I would let my child die. Because having a child live as a "machine", they wouldn't really be living. To me, letting my child die is the best choice. They would deserve to rest in peace, not "live" as a machine. People might choose to bring back their child, and I see why, but it it would be much better to let them rest in peace instead.
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