Favorite school class combo
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Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/3/12
So, I haven't seen this (and I searched). All I've found is polls comparing P.E to I.T, etc.

What I'm more interested in is what combo more people are interested in.
In a study, it found the majority of people who favored math or science favored the other second, and same with English/History. Those who favored E/H usually struggled with M/S and visa versa, I'm curious how accurate that is.

So please list the following in order in a reply as well from most favorite to least

Core Language (I understand not everyone on here is English first language, so this will become "Core Language", count it as whatever your first language class is)

And also how well you do at the least favorite of them.

Let us see which two of the four base groups CrunchyRoll users prefer.

Personally, I was in advanced History/Global/US classes, and advanced English.
I did decent in science.
I struggled with math.

As a follow up I'm going to be seeing if it's different based on location.

This should be interesting.

(How can I add a poll? It isn't letting me O_o)
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Posted 9/3/12

MikiSayaka wrote:
(How can I add a poll? It isn't letting me O_o)

Recreate your thread here:

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