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Gender Stereotypes
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25 / M / Australia
Posted 9/9/12

emokey wrote:

i bet you were pretty good (:

I'll let you be the judge.
Posted 9/9/12

FVIII wrote:

deejayvee wrote:

I'm a firm believer in equality, I personally believe that the only differences between male and female are the body parts. I believe whatever a man can do a woman can do and vice versa.

I saw a post just now, that really made me think - "Why do people try to put gender into stereotypes"

There are some genuinely smart people on here, and I would really like to know what you think

but its just like this if a female stays a virgin she is cute and innocent but if a male dose he is a loser.and if i girl sleeps with a lot of guys she is a slut but if a guy sleeps with a lot of girls he is a pimp. i guess there will always be stereotype.

Whichever poster said that some stereotypes MAY be true while others are not had a good point in my opinion - but if you know something is bullshit, I don't understand the willingness to accept defeat and not try to turn things around.

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32 / M / Konoha
Posted 9/9/12
WARNING: Long wordy rant!

The way I view it is Gender Stereotypes ARE based partly on ancestral placings of a male dominated society. Women in general are less aggressive and prone to taking over then men. (Testosterone).

In the Medieval times men who were naturally physically more imposing, quicker and stronger made the rules. Combine that with a frequent development of warrior societies that largely disrespected women on the field of battle and you had a situation where you had ample amounts of men who were violent yet capable fighters and women who were smart but had no knowledge how to fight. Not because they weren't capable to learn but because the times and societies deemed males as superior in all the things that men respected.

Modern times are different then that now, given equal opportunities there are women fighters who make most men look like wimps and there are women in places in the middle east right now who could probably beat the living shit out of an MMA fighter. (Krav Maga). However if you were to put a woman in a ring with the same training as a guy, even in the Olympics you will see that ever percentage counts, the gender given physical differences in percentages in flat competitions favors men in the athletic pursuits where most of the gender bias is most commonly seen.

The fighting styles that most women could learn to face the big, nasty guys that are walking slabs of meat are the kind you can't bring anywhere civilized because the techniques are lethal. Meaning in physical competitions most girls will always be at a disadvantage against a similarly trained guy.

In Krav Maga you have mixes of various fighting styles that focus on ferocity, survival and killing your opponent before they kill you, fighting dirty is allowed, destroying soft places on the body (The chinks in the proverbial armor) is approved of, and in an honest to god fight you take every advantage you get.

In Judo you have more of a focus on throwing, sliding your weight it, using leverage to your advantage, but you aren't allowed to 'destroy' the opponent by attacking his weak points. And when you have a guy who weighs a lot more then you, who is physically built with more powerful muscles then you, with the same training as you, well, you're not going to likely beat him.

Back to my point however; the stereotypes were born because mainly men were more violent, physically imposing and because in the forming years of society the barbaric ruled, stamp onto that years of the more fare sex being oppressed and kept far away from battlefield training, not allowed to learn to fight, combined with for the longest time fit women being considered ugly (Yes true).

One thing I notice is a lot of stereotypes about men are negative as well, men are more stupid then women being an example. Most men handle gender based stereotyping against them with a grain of salt. Either they say "Yeah, I AM dumber then the women in my life." or they are smart enough to know it's flat not true. I know for a fact women aren't generally smarter then men or visa-versa. But then again, years and years of history have always favored males in this 'battle of the sexes' when it comes to discrimination.

Is the stereotyping okay? No, I don't think it is.
Does it exist? Yes, I'm sure it does.

Frankly I will admit there are times when I find myself thinking sexist things as a guy. Like at Tae Kwan Do several weeks ago all the men in the class were motivated, leaping, kicking, throwing their all into practice and work and the only women in the class out of her childhood (A girl I will call Annie to protect IDs.) had absolutely no motivations, dragged the whole class down, refused to put any effort into the class despite showing up. I've seen her actually pull off a good kick before so I know if she trained she'd have been able to perform as well as the guys in the class, but she was a wimp.

In Annie's case I wanted to kick her out the door myself, I didn't like training with her, the other guys in the class started avoiding her because she was mean, not in the I'm gonna hurt you when we spar way. But in the I'm going to hold a grudge on you because getting hit in the padding (Sparring padding) stung a bit in a self defense class.

I've seen a lot of women like her in my life, while most of the guys I met are not like that. It took me realizing and thinking to realize it wasn't that she was a girl, it was that she was a horribly unmotivated person and that if she had just put forward some motivation I'd have had no problems at all.

A lot of guys in the Martial Arts world don't like training with women because women are sensitive, if you accidentally hit them in a striking martial arts they won't let you live it down. They don't train as diligently as others. It's a common and sadly well seen stereotype with enough women living up to it so that it won't die.

My sister practices Judo, Karate and Tae Kwan Do and BJJ (And she could beat the crap out of me.) It's girls like her that work to break the above stereotype, she had to fight it when she first joined in BJJ the worst because they had got a string of 'Annie's' that made them never want to even train or train with female students. She sucked up any pain she got training she never held a grudge even when accidents happened. She trained diligently and now even the MMA class has been trying to snag her to train with them now that they see she isn't a wimp.

The final and worst half of Stereotypes is that there are enough people that live up to them that they don't die. Be it racial, sexist, religious. There ARE Mexicans who will rob you blind.
There ARE black gang bangers.
There ARE white corporate slugs who care more about money then people.
There ARE native American drunks.

When the Irish first came to America they were met with a lot of racism. But through diligence and work as a community they broke most of those stereotypes early on by as an immigrant community not allowing anyone they palled with to live up to the associated stereotypes.

I will add to the above comments.
Most Mexicans are NOT thieves.
Most Blacks are NOT gang bangers.
Most Whites are not Corporate Slugs who care more about money then people.
Most native Americans are not drunks.
(Above is my own observations.)

When one man comes to you and does wrong on you and he is a christian, you are naturally inclined to say Christians are bad. Then another man comes along and helps you and you ask 'are half of Christians bad and half of Christians good?' then another one comes and helps you, then another until finally you realize that the one who wronged you was a bad egg.

The problem with Stereotypes is that one bad egg requires many good eggs to negate them. You encounter one Mexican who robs your house and it requires several Mexican people coming in behind him to lift the generalization of Mexicans being thieves.

Is the above right? yes and no.

Yes it's how it is. But no it's not how it should be.
In a perfect world we should judge off of a case by case issue and not generalize.

Many women do live up to the Negative Stereotypes, and then there is personal 'focusing' where people attract evil into their lives by not allowing good to be exposed to them.

If you live in a low class gang ruled Ghetto and never get out of that place, of course you're going to have most of your exposures to black people being gang members.

If you continually sink into cheap dive bars you're going to find the worst of everywhere and the best of none.

Generalization is rarely the fault of the people overall being generalized, and more the bad seeds and shady areas and vocal people who only expose themselves to the worst that said cultures have to offer.

I live in a rather low class neighborhood, hell one of the houses down my very street got busted in a drug raid. By all 'generalizations' most of the neighborhoods black population should be gang bangers and drug dealers.

But the trick is the drug dealer was Caucasian not black. The WORST black person in our neighborhood in the past 15 years was a bike thief. While the worst white people in this hood were spouse abusers, drug dealers and meth heads. Yet most people who don't know the history of our neighborhood assume it's the black people that are the trouble because of racism and generalization.

Gender Stereotyping is MUCH the same as racial or class based. It requires the work of many 'good' people to make up for bad people. And most people who encounter the bad of a stereotype are in fact setting themselves in such a way they will only see the bad.

If you find yourself generalizing a group you shouldn't blame 'women', or blacks, or Latino. You should take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are doing to attract negative people into your life.

You can't control what other people generalize, but the only way you can stop generalization is ask what you yourself are doing about it. If you find all women unmotivated, weak willed and more, ask yourself about the kind of people you surround yourself with and where you can find women of higher standards.

If you are afraid of black people because every black dude you meet is a gangster who'd put a cap in your ass, ask yourself why you're wandering around Chicago's Gang Territory.

In the end low quality people hang with low quality people and high quality people hang with high quality people? Class? No. Quality? Yes.

If you're a woman, and you're surrounded by girls who enforce every negative stereotype, and you aren't like them. You need to either get them to change or find friends who won't drag you down to their level.

In the end you become like those you choose to hang around with. If you're an honest guy and you hang non stop around dishonest people, there is going to be a lot of peer pressure trying to make you dishonest.

My mother's grandfather was a full blooded Native American, he was ashamed of his own family because they took to the racism enforcing habits of drinking and gambling to the extreme and because racism was so rampant in the 50s he exiled himself to a sand barge. He didn't smoke, drink or gamble. He was an honorable and a good man who even scarred up his own arm saving my moms life in a car wreck covering her. However he told her that if he'd continued to hang around his family that did drink and smoke and gamble that he'd have probably fallen into the same cycles simply by peer pressure.

The good women who break the stereotypes about women hang around with other women who break the stereotypes.

In the end, those who will be sexist hang around people who justify their sexism. In the end people who are racist hang around people who justify their views on racism. You're never going to have 4 good Mexican guys chumming it up with the car thief. People of like ilk hang together. Good or ill. And the older you get, the longer you hang with a crowd the more like that crowd you become.

To avoid becoming something bad you have to watch what you do, watch what you say, even to a degree condition how you think. You should choose your friends wisely and ask yourself where you see yourself four years down the road hanging with the crowds you hang.

If you turn on the news, politics themselves are covered in generalizations between Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians. In the end even in the US you can't simply be a US citizen voting based on personal belief, you must meet some classification so people can judge and dismiss you.

"Well you're a republican so you're a gun crazy moron hillbilly who's going to steer us into war."
"Well you're a democrat so you're automatically going to crash our country."
"Well you're a libertarian so you're automatically a crazy."

"Well you're black so you're a gangster."
"Well you're white so you're a greedy racist asshole."
"Well you're a Jew so we all know you'd throw your own mom under a bus for a few dollars."

"Well you're a guy so you're automatically dumber then women and only think with your penis."
"Well you're a girl so you're obviously weaker then a guy, with no willpower. You belong in the kitchen and spitting out babies."

Can't you see ALL of the above remarks are the same thing?
Political, Racial and Sexual Stereotyping. It's all Stereotyping. Racism, Sexism, it's the same thing.

In our culture the message is 'Don't Judge Me.'. But it is our place to judge each other, but we should do so with good clear things. Judge a man by his personal actions, judge him by the crimes and the good he has done. Judge her by the effort she puts forward.

If you are dealing with a criminal don't judge him because he's black, judge him because he's sitting in a stolen car. And don't automatically assume that he 'is' all black people either.

On the same note, if a black man gives a ton of money to the poor, helps better his community, teaches martial arts to help a disciplined mindset enter a community to fight crime rate, don't assume that all blacks are like this man either.

We are each judges because we are responsible for shaping the future. Stereotyping is a Guilty Until Proven Innocent mindset. A good judge must work from an Innocent Until Proven Guilty mindset.

Some people believe that God will judge us in the end.
Some people believe that there is no God to judge us.
Some people believe that there are many gods and that some judge us.

In the end no matter what you believe about God, Gods or lack here of them. We are here now, it is up to us to shape the future and we MUST make sound and good judgements based off of facts, crime, and logic. We can't know 'Why' billy stole that car, but we do know billy stole a car. We can't say it's because 'Billy is white trash.'.

In matters of eternal and motive and moral based judgement, that is where religion and God come in. Those are matters we aren't equipped to handle. We don't know and can't know the hearts of people. All we can act upon is cause and effect.

In matters of the court of law, it doesn't matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Taoist or Atheist, your job is to weight facts and to judge based on what happened. Not on the persons Race/Gender/Political/Religious setting. And surprisingly few people in power do that.

I will end my rant by saying this.
Where a Stereotype comes from is less important then how it is dealt with in your life personally.

I have a golden rule: Don't be a dick.
It's not an easy rule to follow, as I have learned by experience.
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27 / M / Toronto
Posted 9/9/12

This is a strange looking kitchen.
Posted 9/26/12 , edited 9/26/12

emokey wrote:

One of the common annoyances that i have to deal with is gaming.
People generalize that females are bad gamers.
<- rank 1 season 9 2850 rating disc priest get @ me.

Well you cant expect much from the current gamer community , I really dont get why some guys have to act so immature towards female gamers. I had to express that jaded opinion just been hearing alot of horror stories about female gamers getting mistreated lately
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M / Philippines
Posted 9/26/12
not only that Gender Stereotypes are becoming irrelevant this days, the Gender Roles are becoming blurry too, in the past Males are the providers but now we see some House Husbands and that more Females are having high paying jobs too

when Females start courting Males then you know this world is turning upside down
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24 / M / Sydney, Australia
Posted 9/26/12
Here at Computer Engineering in my university, women do just as well if not better than most guys. Hell, my lecturer is female.
Posted 9/26/12
Man I think theres alot of women that are tougher these days to , not just smart , I would say that Two and half men character Alan is more true to life than a caricature there are alot of guys like that these days.
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29 / M / Boston
Posted 9/26/12
I'm not taking either side of the argument because I don't stereotype people. I will however just point out that stereotypes are born from pre-existing conditions. They don't just pop up out of nowhere, they are catalyzed.
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