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Posted 9/7/12
Year Long
(Me: Make note that the classes that dont sound like possible classes are just there for show/ kinda.)

Monster Figfhting 10Max

Spell Casting 10Max

Art 15Max

Old Text 10Max

Voice Interpitation 10Max

Martial Arts 20M

Short Term

Beginers Art 14Max

Music 17Max

Studdy Hall (Me: Pretty much anything in real life questions.) Open

How to fall in Love (Me:Yes Yes I ran out of ideas but hay somepeople have problems with it) 15Max

Drama ( Rollplaying) Open

Fan Girl Club: 30Max

New Paper Club: 15Max

Band Club: 40Max

One Direction Fan Club:100Max

Metal Club: 15Max

Book Club:20Max

Anime Club:1000Max

Anyone Club: Open

Anyone who wants to be a teacher ask.

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Posted 9/7/12
I just don't get it. Is it supposed to be in a group or something?

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