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Best Anime of 2012 (so far)
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/8/12

Inspired with this thread,
so which anime released / airing in 2012 do you think is the best one?

My pick goes to:

Hyouka is also up there.
Oreki ♥

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50 / M / KC
Posted 9/8/12
Well, I think hands down, Kids on the Slope is the best so far this year. If I were to rank my top 5, I think this would be the order, since certain shows haven't finished yet.

1. Kids on the Slope
2. Kokoro Connect
3. Chihayafuru
4. Ano Natsu de Matteru
5. Space Brothers
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23 / M / Purgatory
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/8/12
hmm either:
Mirai Nikki
Sword Art Online

well there is still the fall and winter seasons so...
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28 / M / Anime World
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/8/12
So far imo, in no order of priority:

1) Kids on the Slope
2) Kuroko no Basket
3) Sankarea
4) Kokoro Connect
5) Fate/Zero Part 2 (kinda stuck between this and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia)

I have high hopes for Part 2 of Jormungand aka Jormungand: Perfect Order this Fall as well. The original series was pretty damn good.
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24 / M
Posted 9/8/12
I really like:
.Space Brothers;
.Sword Art Online.

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28 / M / Scotland
Posted 9/8/12
It's got to be Chihayafuru for me. Beautiful art, fantastic characters, unbelievable intensity and somehow it never feels stale.

If Kokoro Connect keeps going the way it's been going, it'll be my second favourite of the year. Other great ones are Daily Lives of High School Boys, Humanity Has Declined, Hunter x Hunter, Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Mysterious Girlfriend X, and Space Brothers.
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22 / M / bloomington, IL
Posted 9/8/12
sword art online
Queen of Support
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Posted 9/8/12
1. Kuroko's Basketball (Boys Love ftw)
2. Another
3. Inu x Boku
Posted 9/8/12
1. Fate / Zero season 2
2. Inu X Boku SS
3. Haiyore Nyaruko-san
4. Another
5. Sword Art Online
6. Tari Tari
7. Hyouka
8. Kill me Baby
9. Nisemonogatari
10. Daily lives of High school boys
11. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
12. Oda Nobuna no Yabo
13. Yuru yuri season 2
14. Kore wa zombie desu ka of the dead
15. Dog days season 2
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32 / M / Over there
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/9/12
In no particular order

Kuroko's Basketball
Polar Bear's Café
Tari Tari
Yuru Yuri s2
Space Brothers
Sakamichi no Apollon

Ones that started at the end of 2011, finished in 2012:
Rinne no Lagrange (though s2 started in 2012, and it's still pretty nice)
Mirai Nikki

There's probably others, but I have a bad memory :P

How could I forget Tsuritama :O
That's a great anime too.
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55 / M
Posted 9/8/12

In no particular order:

Space Brothers
Mirai Nikki
Kingdom (more testosterone than Bleach and Naruto combined)
Binbogami GA! (Definitely the funniest)
Hayore Nyarko-san!
Humanity has declined. (Quirky but a work of genius)
Polar Bear Cafe
Yuru Yuri S2
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Posted 9/8/12
Kuroko's Basketball[
Polar Bear's Cafe
Sword Art Online
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20 / F / Earth.
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/8/12
I'll be the first to say Tsuritama.

Kuroko no Basket is up on my list as well.

And I won't forget Tari Tari!
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36 / M / Canada
Posted 9/8/12
Sword Art Online for sure tops my list but there has been plenty of good other anime

Kids on the slope and Space Brothers both are great too, though both have problems for me that lead to them not being at the top of the pack. I think I will put Kids on the Slope above Space Brothers just because the improvised concert was an epic moment and Space Brothers really hasn't had that yet. Oda Nobuna surprisingly has been up there as of late as well as it never really fails to entertain me.

I think I am going to have to give Kuroko's Basketball a look since so many of you have raved about it.

Oh right!! Number two for me is definitely Dusk Maiden of Amnesia without a doubt and if SAO doesn't end strong it will take first place. (Though SAO has been amazingly steady with its awesome delivery so far). Its been a good year for me after a drought of mediocre and downright boring anime years. Dusk maiden was stellar in everything it did, though it did it very oddly I found it to be a genius work of art.

Hunter x Hunter has always been a favorite but since I saw the entire original anime it lacks that new flavor to bring it up to the level of some of those previously mentioned.

Anyways so my picks are:
1. Sword Art Online
2. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
3. Kids on the Slope
4. Space Brothers
5. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
6. All the other anime I am watching..
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55 / M / East Coast
Posted 9/8/12
NO PARTICULAR ORDER some be late 2011-2012
Panty and Stocking
Tari Tari
Medaka Box
Guilty Crown
Bodacious Space Pirates
Listen To Me Girls I'm Your Father(They just didnt finish it or cancelled)
High School DxD
A Certain Magical Index
So I can play H!
The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

These just left an impression, by no means some of non 2012 favorites
My Bride is a Mermaid
Squid Girl

I got to stop because I have watched over 500 animes via On Demand ,Anime Channel, Hulu,CR,Funimation, Anime Here and purchases.
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