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Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5 Discussions!
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25 / F / Scarlet Streets,...
Posted 1/26/13
Nyahahahaha, I read the manga and watched the anime adaptation...

Asuna plopped down naked on the sofa and glared defiantly at me.

"...Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off," she said in an authoritative tone.

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Posted 8/9/13
I find it really delighting!!! I liked the writing, and found out the author never lost his caracteristic storytelling. I preferred to ignore the age of the caracters and thought of them to be in a little bit older. It as well may be just to please the fans, but that was a very good way of doing so.
Posted 8/9/13 , edited 8/9/13
Awesome chapter, they have a ... "manga" of it, it's called sword art unlimited

It's in color too, it's good stuff :3
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22 / M
Posted 8/6/14
I'm surprised I enjoyed it
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24 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 8/6/14
Ah, shit! This topic just got real!! Who knew Asuna was so sensitive; whoa!!
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Posted 9/6/14 , edited 9/6/14
I'd like to correct everyone on this. Chapter 16.5 is not a fanfiction. Reki Kawahara originally wrote Sword Art Online for a contest but went over the pages and thus it was disqualified. He later posted the whole thing on his blog as a web story. We can call this work the web version. When he reentered the contest a year later with Accel World he won and publishers wanted him to publish Sword Art Online as well. So he took down the web blog posting of the story and published Sword Art Online for a official release. Of course he rewrote it.

Chapter 16.5 was part of the Web version. Mind you that the web version covered the whole Aincrad arc. But if people who've read the light novel have read the special chapter "Warmth of the Heart" in the official book version, I should note that Reki had this chapter in the prototype version. His prototype version was geared way more for mature audiences. I mean in the web version of "Warmth of the Heart" when Kirito and Liz are trapped in the white dragon's cave, Kirito and Liz do not hold hands. Liz crawls into Kirito's sleeping bag wearing only a chemise and asks him to hug her to which she faints from embarrassment then the scene transitions to the next morning. When I read this segment it made sense to me more than official publicized version because the wording was always awkward. The publicized version had Liz hold hands with Kirito and then Liz goes on a monologue about wanting the warmth and embrace of a person to tell her that things were real in SAO. I always thought holding hands didn't go with monologue that followed, but reading the exert from the web version made more sense, because Liz was sharing a sleeping bag with kirito and feeling his whole warmth and confirming his existence as a "real person".

Other segments of Reki Kawahara's web version were re-published a doujinshi or novel fanfics at comiket.

So I 16.5 isn't so much an AU, its more like deleted segments that didn't make it into Dengeki Bunko's final publishing, more like Reki Kawahara was forced to cut it out. 16.5 is probably the most graphic compared to the other exerts. It is probably the only exert that is pornographic in description which in a way I understand why the publisher, Dengenki Bunko said "No we can't publish this". But I feel that the changes of "warmth of the heart" didn't need to be changed.

So as you all understand the author made a statement in an interview that it was a fanfiction/non-canon. But he really just wants to forget that a pornographic scene existed in his original manuscript of Sword Art Online. I assure you if Reki Kawahara was with a different publishing company you'd see Sword Art Online probably be more mature. Of course the end result may have not changed at all since any publisher may have wanted this to be anime friendly. Who knows. I just don't believe 16.5 to be fanfic or AU but part of the original intent of sword art online.

I wouldn't have these same thoughts if this was more like a separate story he wrote later on. But this was part of his original manuscript of the whole Aincrad arc. So yup. Not bad, not necessarily needed, but still nice to have it in there.

By the way chapters 16.6 to16.8 are Material Editions which were probably never written out fully but part of his materials. Unlike chapter 16.5 which was part of a full manuscript and hence why it isn't even listed under any Material Editions.
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F / Chicago
Posted 9/6/14 , edited 9/6/14
Chapter 16.5 or not, we all know they had sex. 16.5 just makes it really clear.

To be honest though, I wasn't watching SAO for sex.

lol... This just reminded me of Demolition Man where Sylvester Stallone is trying to have sex with Sandra Bullock via virtually reality and they couldn't quite make it work.

It's not explicit.
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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