Anyone noticed differences anime episodes?
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Posted 9/11/12
Before I knew Maburaho was available here on Crunchyroll, I was looking around on the internet's various anime index websites, and lacking a proper stream back then, I ended up bouncing between a few sites. During this I ended up noticing a rather funny detail between 2 different streams of the supposedly exact same episode 1.

The following are 2 links I've just found (one of them on youtube, linked directly to the moment in the episode) the other being the episode here on Crunchyroll (skip to 17:55):
(You only have to watch about 10 seconds of each to (hopefully) see the difference)

Any of you noticed similar things in animes?
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Posted 9/11/12

If you are referring to the dialogue, then yes! In most anime the dialogue differs depending on the translator! Each translator might give a different translation than the other! Sometimes the dialogue is changed a lot to remove expletives and inappropriate content. I see this a lot being that I like to re-watch anime and I can never find it on the original website! Don't worry 95% of the time the difference in dialogue doesn't matter. Hope this helped! By the way I love Maburaho, good choice!
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Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/11/12
The one from youtube, I suppose was from the DVD. The animation from DVD sometimes differerent from the one which shows on TV. It like an incentive to buy DVD, especially for ecchi anime.
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Posted 9/11/12


Crunchyroll does not actively censor content.
The content we post on the site is what is provided to us directly from the publishers.

If you want to check out a post over in the help forums on Censorship you can look here:

I didn't actually post in the thread because a couple guys who know how things work got to it before I did!

Gonna lock and close this.
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