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Weirdest Anime
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55 / M / Out on a limb
Posted 9/13/12 , edited 9/13/12
Boogiepop Phantom - Just trying to trace all the cross-connections through the series can induce acid flashbacks.
Pani Poni Dash - Already mentioned, but worth mentioning again.
FLCL - of course
Dai Mahou Touge - If you haven't seen this, you've missed something truly bizarre.
And, I think I'll throw "Best Student Council" in for good measure. There is something truly twisted at the heart of that anime.
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Posted 9/15/12

The guy's face/reaction when being tortured by
Posted 9/15/12
I'm not sure if it's the weirdest, but I think Binbougami ga is really weird-- to the point of being really funny even though you don't know what's going on...
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