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Posted 9/13/12
Tell us your characters life story if you want.
Here's mine.
Gabe has been through a lot of battles on the side of heaven but 100 years ago he saw goodness in a demon. His kind didn't wan't to believe him so he left heaven in search for ansers. Gabe met up with an exorciste who taught him that devils just like angels faught for their kingdom. Gabe helped this exorciste overthrow the meen king of hell and put a nice one in his stead. Gabe never showed his face during this battle so no one knows who he is. Later returning to heaven he eventually left again to live in the apartment in search for a way to join hell as an angel.
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Posted 9/13/12 , edited 9/13/12
Angel has been a demon all her life and for that she was shund by everyone in her Village all the kids would thrwo rocks adn sticks at her and the adults would make fun of her.Angel would always cry she had no one until she one day a boy or boys named kiba and shikamaru stoped this and become her best friends than 2 years later she left her home and said goodbye to her friends and left she travled the world and trained her body to be stronger than she stayed at this Village and lived in this apartment near a lake hoping to be happy and to be accpected by everyone in the Village.
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