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Posted 9/17/12





Job position you want {{ e.g.chef,maid,butler,massage therapist ETC}}




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Posted 9/18/12 , edited 9/18/12
Username: xSweetRikaHitorix

Name: Ayami Nanasei



Job position you want:Maid~

Bio: Ever since she was a little girl she has always wanted to work in a cafe, and after her parents died and left her with her brother to take care of...Thats how she embarked upon the Sweetie Sweets Cafe and Inn, and has been working there since she was fourteen and her brother was eight.

Likes:Talking and spending time with her little brother whom she has happened to get him employed at the Cafe and Inn,Eating and writing is a good passtime for the small Maid.

Dislikes: Being called short stuff...

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Posted 9/18/12
Username: MEOWZA_OMGittyBittyKITTY

Name: Momoko Shiori

Age: 17

Race/Species French+Japanese

Job position you want: Maid

Bio: Her mother was a house maid in France, she moved to Japan where she became a maid for a Japanese Business man. The maid and the business man had an affair, thus creating Momoko Shiori. She wants to be a house maid just like her mother who has just past away 1 year ago. Momoko believes that she can train to become a excellent maid like her mother once was by working at this cafe....and she is kind of on the poor side. Her father's family wants nothing to do with this love child. Sadly she is SUPER clumsy and her hands break almost everything they touch.

Likes: Sweets, working at the cafe, helping, listening to music, drawing, dancing, and sewing

Dislikes: Breaking things, crying, being clumsy, people who call her a klutz


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Posted 9/25/12
Username: Alicethelovelyrose

Name: Aya Hinamori

Age: 16

Race/Species American/Japanese

Job position you want: Chef

Bio: Her father was a world famous chef she followed under his footsteps watching and learning how to cook at the age of 6 years old her father died and was force to live with her mom who left her when she was born and wants nothing to do with her, She's very shy and gets scared of the littlest things but she's also goofy and fun to be around she hopes working at this cafe will keep her away from her mother and improved her skills more as a chef.

Likes: Cooking,Her father,sweets,writing,singing, dancing

Dislikes: Her mother,bugs, mean people, being called a crybaby


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