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Name: Elisabeth McCoy
Nickname: Lizzie
Title: “Lightning” Ba Gua Zhang Student
Age: 25
Gender: female
Race: human
Class: A student of Ba Gua Zhang  , a form of Tai Chi
Element: Excels at the fast, fluid movements of Ba Gua Zhang, very fluid and swift like lightning
Family: Lizzie grew up in a family made up of her mother, brother and herself. Though she sometimes wondered about her father she quickly grew out of wondering 'what if' and 'if only' and decided to grow strong enough that she wouldn't need anyone to feel they should protect her. She found out about Ba Gua Zhang at a school external curricular activity during summer break one year when her mother wanted her to spend time with 'kids her age' and enjoy the summer out of the town home. She is unsure of which career she wants and feels pressure from her mother to pick a career and move out.
Patrick was born just two years before Elisabeth and attended school with her attending the same schools though a couple grades on advance. In their younger years they were great friends and Patrick took a quick preference to soccer, making friends and practicing for fun with friends even after the classes. He had a short-term girlfriend in high school but soon after graduation he went away to collage and they both came to a peaceful split. Since then he has been studying to be a mechanic.
Linda grew up relatively sheltered and thus was unprepared for the cruelty of the world once she graduated and got married in the most eventful year of her life. With gorgeous long brown hair she was surprised when her children both displayed dirty brown hair since their father had black. She is a perfectionist and cleans her town home even when it's not dirty. After her divorce she rededicated her life to her children and did her best to prepare them for the world as she found it She has always sold equipment to businesses weather it be copiers, printers, monitors or otherwise
Friends: Lizzie has many friends, both in school and in her martial arts classes. As she has grown older may of her childhood/school friends have moved away or gotten married or pregnant and while they remain friends their attention has been shifted greatly to jobs or relationships. Lizzie does not want to be a third wheel and feels down because of a break up two months ago and the pressure she feels for choosing a career
Animals: Lizzie has no aggressive feelings towards animals though she does not see a point. They only seem like another chore to her and she can think of better ways to spend her time. Her mother had a cat when she was younger and she never bothered it so she was annoyed that it seemed to like her so much.
How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Lizzie feels that you have the power to teach people how to treat you based on how you act. Thus she alays is careful to act deserving of respect and polite to others even if she disagrees with them personally. She feels her Ba Gua Zhang classes where she learns how to dodge and weave around others without ever shifting her eyes away from the target. Because of her constant attention others sometimes feel as if she pays them detailed attention regardless of the topic.
Do you have family/children or a significant other? Lizzie still lives with her mother, Linda. Though she does not spend time with her mother except for dinner and holidays their relationship is steady and safe.
Do you train? Monthly two-hour classes at Ba Gua Zhang and then she always trains herself o move and act in a way respective to that.
Describe one day of your life: Lizzie wakes up at 8am on most days and takes a shower and gets ready for the day. She wears very light make-up to take care of her appearance. In the morning Lizzie and her mother Linda have tea or a breakfast of eggs briskets or something light and easy to make for the morning. Lizzie spends many days at the park where she enjoys the freash air while she can practice without shoes in the cool grass. She practices Ba Gua Zhang obsessively and believes there is always a way to win if you can move without taking her eyes off her opponent and there's always a way quickly get behind and opponent whether the interaction is a battle or simply a peaceful interaction between friends. As the day gets later she eats a few fruit for lunch and takes a long meditation break before continuing her practice. When the sun starts to set, Lizzie walks home. She prefers to walk places when she can since this gives her time to focus and find tranquility in her steps.
Describe one life-altering day of your life: The day Lizzie graduated High School
Where does she live? With Linda because she has not graduated yet as she does not know yet which career she prefers, She is very grateful to her mother for letting her stay home with a low rent fee so she can save her earnings.
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Name: Lina Inverse

Nickname: Bandit Killer; Dragon Spooker; The Enemy of All Who Live (she doesn't like any of them)

Title: Beautiful Genius Sorceress and Master Businesswoman

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Sorceress who excels in many forms of Magic

Element: Fire and Chaos (if allowed -otherwise just fire)

Family: Lina's parents own a grocery store in the town of Zephilia. Her father is an ex-mercenary and her mother an ex-sorceress. Lina's grandparents died before her birth. Her older sister, Luna Inverse, is a Knight of Ceifeed, and she works part-time as a waitress. Lina is terrified of her sister to the point of hysterics, and she probably deserved these feelings. When she was younger, Lina wanted to make money, so she sold projections of Luna bathing, and as a result, Luna punished her. Lina started training to be a sorceress as a result of an inferiority complex to her sister. Nevertheless, Luna was the one who suggested Lina go out and explore the world.

Friends: Lina makes more enemies than friends with her wild antics and pushy business practices but the few friends she does have are very powerful both in strength and political persuasiveness. Her friends include kings, queens, princes and princesses of entire nations, powerful shaman and healing magic users and an extremely skilled swordsman which is her current travel companion and potential lover named Gourry Gabriev. Her other companions (Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune and Zelgadiss Graywords) are far off in another nation as ambassadors. Lina also has someone she respects not as a friend but as an occasional ally named Xellos who is a high ranking demon of the mazoku race. He tends to come and go as he pleases. They only help each other when their interests overlap, otherwise they would be considered enemies.

Animals: Lina is indifferent of animals. She doesn't hurt animals out of cruelty nor does she want a pet. She would rather have one on her dinner plate as she usually hunts for meat to survive. Lina has a great fear of slugs.

Guild/Group/Alliance: Lina Inverse is a member of the Sorcerer's Guild. This is where she learned to use simple magic spells. She occasionally filled in as an instructor from time to time when she was visiting the guild. Her assigned mage colour is pink which is why she wears a pink outfit - much to her embarrassment.

How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Lina is bossy and loud. If she sees something she doesn't like, she is very vocal about it. She tries to get the best bargain on everything, and when she does not get her way, she gets violent, often pressuring people into selling (or even giving) her items. She is like this due to being raised in a family of merchants and she has spent a big portion of her life travelling alone trying to survive.

Do you have family/children or a significant other? Lina travels with her companion Gourry. He is her
potential lover and their relationship is steadily growing. Gourry is a master swordsman and the self-proclaimed protector of Lina Inverse. Gourry is extremely protective of his sword (the sword of light), as it has been in his family for many generations. Gourry's family often feuded amongst each other over who would inherit the family treasure, the Sword of Light, a conflict that Gourry was not fond of. Eventually Gourry ran away from his homeland of Elmekia with the sword in an attempt to stop the fighting it caused. After running away from home, Gourry became a mercenary, taking whatever odd job he could in order to earn a buck. He gave up his wandering lifestyle when he met a man who advised him to do something important with his life. In an odd twist of fate, this man turned out to be Lina's father (neither Lina nor Gourry know this), and a mere few days after parting with the man, Gourry came across Lina in the woods. The rest is history, as from that point on, Gourry became Lina's full-time "protector."

Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at? Lina excels in Black Magic, skilled in shamanism, slightly versed in white magic, and slightly skilled with a short sword.

Describe one day of your llife Lina wakes up from her bed at an inn she has travelled to with Gourry. She Goes to Gourry's room, kicks him in the ass and tells him to wake up. They pack up their things, get dressed and head out. She points to a restaurant where they can eat a large breakfast and I mean large as in a breakfast for 10 people. (Lina burns tens of thousands of calories when casting spells and needs to fuel up for the day). Lina and Gourry usually have a contest to see who can finish their meal first. Whoever finishes last has to pay the others bill. Once all is done with the food they head out of town to hunt down bandits for their treasure and food as well as any possible bounties. On their way for bandit hunting, they stop by a river and fish for lunch for the day. Once all bandit hunting is said and done, they retire for the night in makeshift tents and beds, resting for the next day as they continuously travel to the next town.

Describe one life-altering day of your life The day Lina used her most powerful spell, the Giga Slave, to save her allies from the clutches of Hellmaster Fibrizo. She lost control of the spell and almost destroyed the world. The Lord of Nightmares intervened by taking control of her body, stopping the spell and at the same time, destroyed Hellmaster Fibrizo. She vowed to never use the Giga Slave again.

Where do you live? Why? Lina is constantly travelling from one city to the next and has no current permanent residence. She does this because she wants to travel the world.
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Name: Oz okuma
Nickname: OZ
Title: I am a great sniper and a good student i have a secret i can pop a gun out of my hand and change the bullets setting to control someone EX: mood (happy,sad,mad,depressed) and the way the act EX:(confidence,playful,loveing)

Age: I am age 15

Gender: male

Race: I am alien- human with powers that come from another planet

Class: i excel in sniper shots and the power of the sword. i train in martial arts

Element: well when i use my sword its ice so yeah!

Family: My (Adopted)family is in a very dark place im very helpful and social trying to help everyone out but myself i get colds and the flu often and i dont tell anyone about it because i dont want to worry them i love my family very much and want to help them out in any way i can and the best way is not to worry anyone my human family that adopted me dosnt really care what i do so i try my best so they dont have to interfere (they dont know about my sniper.)

Friends: My friends dont know about my powers either i try my best to hide it from them but they keep butting in and ignore me when i tell them to run ive considered going away so they dont need to get hurt in my alien job but i just cant leave them i use my sniper shot on them when ever they see my sniping or sword sill when im fihting an evil monster they cannot see unless im there

Animals: ! dog that sits on my shoulder name is cody and dosnt interfere

Guild/Group/Alliance: relevant, im in the alien allience catching evil monsters that cannot be seen by normal humans unless an alien like myself is there which is a big hassle for our race

How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: i treat them kindly and very nice because i dont want them worrying about me or my problems

t describe your parents or where you came from: my human parents dont treat me kindly but i dont worry them with my problems and keep out of there way, i came from the alien planet and i have my real parents but they were killed by humans who oz sincerly hates deep down which comes out in times of needs like a dark mode you know?

Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at? i answered this at the top im good at sniper and sword i was gifted with this when i came to earth to find the human allience that killed my parents

Describe one day of your llife: trying to hide my powers from my friends and putting on a fake smile trying to tell everyone im all right i fight the monsters sent by the HA(human alien) trying to kill me daily and shot my sniper more than 50 times a day

Describe one life-altering day of your life: when my parents were killed by the human allience i swear i would join a group that sent me to earth so i could kill them i got my sniper from my parents and my sword from my master i kill monsters and hide my identity
Where do you live? Why: i live in japan because thats were i was sent to get my mission of killing the HA
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Posted 10/4/12

Name: Nao Kisaragi
Nickname: Naki
Title: Known for her swordsmanship and planning abilities and also her expressionless
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Swordsmanship
Element: Shadows and Sound Manipulation
Family: Nao came from a prestigous family background but raised as an only child. She was taught how to fight since she was five and how to use a sword when she was young. She has always been kept inside the mansion until she was given a chance to explore the world. Her parents were both very strict with her, so she usually talk in a very polite and well mannered way. She has strong fighting capabilities for the future head of the Kisaragi household because she is the leader of the main branch.
Friends: Nao has some friends but mostly all related to her blood or in the same clan. She knows how to communicate with others but cannot fully express herself to do so. So she usually is quiet or does not talk often, because she is the leader of the household she needs to show her tactical side so she normally does not show her expressions unless it is needed to.
Animals: In Nao's household animals are considered to be friends, Nao has grown into learning how to act and communicate with animals not talking with them but it is shown with actions. Nao doesn't own a pet because it's all being taken care of by other family members.
Guild/Group/Alliance: The Kisaragi family has many strong connections to other families, The Kisaragi has a strong reputation and also one of the largest corporations around the world. Nao's parents knows all sorts of people and are allies with many other families from the ancient times as well.
How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Nao normally treat others with kindness after all she is the sucessor of the next generation. She needs to act in a specifc way to have the respect from the members and elders. She is the only heir of the Kisaragi family's main branch.
Do you have family/children or a significant other? As Nao is still young but her Parents have witness many things, they learnt many things that even they did not tell Nao everything. They also came from a strict family background with the older generations and can act in a very traditional way. Nao were told to do so as well but her parents have not fully told her everything regarding the family name. Nao's mother came from the Shinimori family that is also one of the richest families but second compared to the Kisaragis. Nao's father is also an only child, so he has been taught of everything in the clan. While Nao's mother has a younger sister.
Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at? Nao trains usually at night with her double katanas, she is known for her speed and her timing of when to strike.
Describe one day of your life - Nao has witnessed an ambush since she was little, she was with her grandmother when she was told to visit her on her day off. At that time she was only eight and witnessed the killings of the clan with most of the members getting injured but because of her Grandmother's strength no one was killed and so Nao was taught to be on the front lines since she was a child. Back then she planned most of the countermeasures and also wiped out most of the ambush's people.
Describe one life-altering day of your life - Nao planned to strengthen her clan name and status so she recurred many main branch families when there is any resistance needed to fight. She has always plan every countermeasure regarding the events of her clan.
Where do you live? Why? In the main branch family mansion with the higher ups and elders of the clan. In mostly Japan.
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Posted 10/5/12
Kuro Yomi

Nickname: "Mad hatter" and"Crimson princess"


Age: 14

Gender : Female

Race: Shinigami

Bio: Kuro comes across as a quite,shy and morbid girl however she is trueley childish ,Friendly and cute. She hides a secret.She can utilize red rose petals and transform them into sharp knife-like objects that she can levitate and uses them as darts to spear her opponents.She can restore broken objects.Also summon clear blue diamonds having chains fly out of them at will.Her family is unknown.In the day she works as a idol singing in a popular j-rock band called "trick or treat" and at night goes around eliminating evil spirits.
Posted 10/7/12

Name: Ai Mizikowa

Nickname: Ai (or Darling Death)

Title: Psychic power student and very young for her age teacher

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Ai is a gentle Angel/Human....mostly human though.

Class: Psychic

Element: Water and fire

Family: Ai was raised by her grandma who took her in when she was only 5. Her parents were both killed by Ai, accidentally of course but none the less they were killed. Her mom was going to have a baby girl but her death killed the child before she was born. Ai became completely scar'd by this and was given the name Darling Death by everyone that knew her story.

Friends: Most people that Ai tired to get along with at her old school were taught not to interact with her. Why wouldn't they be scared? She her self was scared to hurt someone...even by accident. So she was pretty distant from friends....doesn't mean she didn't want them, oh-so-badly.

Animals: Ai loves animals she has a pet husky that follows her around everywhere she goes. Over the years its grown to become her only friend and she has learned most of her kindness from her.

Guild/Group/Alliance: She's never really thought about being in an alliance or group, lately she's just been wandering around, her grandma not able to support her as much as she would like too.

How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Ai treats everyone with great great kindness, her grandma always told her that even though people were scared of her and called her horrible things and lived disgusted and in fear of her that she should always remember that inside she had a big big heart and by showing that, one day people would grow to know her for who she really was. Thus Ai always has a smile and loves everyone.

Describe your parents or where you came from: Parents were very nice people and they loved her so much. Unfortunately her power was unleashed at age five and they were killed trying to control her. Her mom was a leader of a childrens hospital, where she took Ai everyday to talk and make friends with the other sick kids. Her dad was a an angel that had come down from the heavens after falling in love with her mom. He later became a psychiatrist, he was really complex about everything and taught everything he knew to Ai.

Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at? I train at gymnastics, at one point in her life she wanted to go to live in the circus and trained for the longest time to be a tight rope artist and body contorter. She's still training to use her powers, although she's a self teacher.

Describe one day of your llife: Ai wakes up in the mornings and goes outside training to become the best she could possibly be at fighting. After this she walks to the market and buys any food she needs so that she can eat at the apartment where ever she happens to be staying at. Her husky, luna follows her around to explore the area and keep her company.

Describe one life-altering day of your life: The day Ai's parents died was he day everything changed for her. People feared her. She went to live with her grandma. Her powers came to her. Everything happened whiched ended everything she loved in her life. But it also brought things that she would have never had. Her grandmas beautiful care, love, and wise words. And Luna would have never found her.

Where do you live? Why: Ai wanders around from place to place so she's never in one place for very long. She's feels like she's searching for something, even though she's not sure what that is exactly.
Posted 10/26/12 , edited 10/26/12
Character Profile for: THE WALKING DEAD campaign, since the world has pretty much come to an end and it's based more in a semi-realistic or potentially realistic approach I'm going to add in background information for character traits that seem most pertinent, side note the pic is what the character will look like after he scraps his military uniform.

Name: Kyle Kisaragi

Nickname: Kyle

Title: Staff Sergeant (Veteran USMC 15th MEU)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Character Traits: Kyle is focused, determined and a strong competent leader. He values bravery and intelligence. However, the current situation has left him rattled. A fan of video games in his downtime and working on cars he had never considered the scenario of his current predicament and the stress weighs heavily on his conscious mind. A man of integrity and pragmatism he is generally no nonsense and seeks to shut down disagreements before they escalate, he deems them disruptive and rarely beneficial for collective gain. Kyle loves children and animals though he understands the necessity of hunting and would rather sacrifice a deer to save a child from starvation. He has zero tolerance for liars, thieves, domestic violence and disloyalty or individual self interest.

Family: Kyle's mother is from Iceland and his father (where he gets his last name) is a Japanese immigrant who moved to Hawaii then bounced around from job to job until finally settling in Las Vegas where he met Kyle's mother a card dealer for Mandalay Bay hotel and casino. The two were together when the outbreak initially began.

Friends: Kyle as far as he is aware is now completely alone. Most of his friends were in his platoon. Deployed to the front lines on the outskirts of Los Angeles in Marine Air/Ground Taskforce establishing a forward operating base to retake Los Angeles, the Marine ground forces were overrun and Kyle's unit was scattered during an Osprey crash. Isolated and alone, unable to reach command and with most of his friends dead or missing, Kyle attempted to search out his missing friends but was forced to run when the "Walkers" overran the area of operation in sheer numbers.

Training: Kyle is an 0369 Infantry Unit Leader and proficient with Urban, Desert and Jungle conventional and improvised warfare. He has extensive knowledge on wound profiling, small arms, anti-personnel explosives, multiple types of ordinance and anti-vehicle munitions. As a secondary platoon leader (36 men) he is trained in operating and leading small groups. However, Kyle is used to military command and structure. This does not always equate well with civilian group profiles. Additionally Kyle is in the peak of physical health and is used to running with over 90-120 pounds of gear. He is climbing and rappel rated with fast rope training from airborne vessels typically helicopters. HAHO and HALO jump certified for a 4 year stint in Force Recon before the group was rolled into the rest of Marine Corps Recon, Kyle opted out of special operations and chose instead to rejoin his original unit.

Current Situation: Without a chain of command or even able to establish focused order among the small pockets of humanity he came across on his way out of Los Angeles, Kyle gave up trying to reconnect with other USMC forces and now attempts to make his way to Las Vegas. At this time, 14 days after the initial US Outbreak and successive loss of contact with most major cities due to the disease that created the "Walkers" Kyle has survived and likewise passed and assisted other survivors as he makes his way by vehicle to Las Vegas to search for the remnants of his family. Previously stationed in Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Diego on rotation from the operations abroad when the Outbreak went beyond quarantine. In response, Kyle's unit along with most of the available emergency response departments, FEMA and the National Guard were mobilized. Kyle was deployed to the front lines on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a Marine Air/Ground Taskforce establishing a forward operating base to retake Los Angeles however the entire Marine element were overrun and Kyle's unit was scattered during an Osprey crash. Isolated and alone, Kyle commandeered and fled in an HMMWV armored vehicle from one of the last LA military firebase facilities just before it fell. The vehicle is equipped with a mounted M134A minigun with 10,000 round capacity with a fire rate of 4.5k a minute but is low on fuel and only has 2.5k rounds left and took several impacts to the engine compartment from having to run over "Walkers" on the road in which 2 were rammed through a brick wall. At this time, he has fled north and east and is on the outskirts of LA along the I-15 heading towards Barstow.
Posted 10/26/12

Name: Hintkin

Nickname: Hinty- kun ^^)

Title: Renowned bounty hunter

Age: 18

Gender: female

Race: Plain Human

Class: Gun slinger

Element: Ghost

Family: They are all dead. They all suffer a tragic death.

Friends: They are back in my hometown.

Animals: none

Guild/Group/Alliance: None. Trying to join any guild to add up my income.

How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Just silent but I give them a smile and enthusiasm. Don't talk much unless someone starts a conversation with me.

describe your parents or where you came from: I lived in modernized city. We are all happy when suddenly someone killed them all while I was in school studying. When I got back, I found the police and found their dead bodies. It was very tragic.

Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at?: Small guns like pistols..and knives..

Describe one day of your llife: I have to go on the police station and look at wanted posters and smoke for a while. Then after smoking I'll immediately hunt down the criminal in foot.

Describe one life-altering day of your life: Everything seemed to fall apart.. Bills and everything while grieving with my family's death. So I decided to become a bounty hunter myself. I got my dad's biretta and start practicing my aims.

Where do you live? Why: Somewhere in the future. Who knows? ^^)
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Posted 10/31/12 , edited 10/31/12
This character is for the Walking dead Campaign.

Name:Donovan Downes


Title: Private First Class

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: human

Class: Martial artist and soldier

Element: Which elements do you excel at if any? Only two maximum please
Family: He was raised on the streets by a man who found him when he was about two years old. he was taught how to pickpocket people and pick locks.
Friends: At least a paragraph, even if you've left them or vice-versa
Animals: He has a wolf that he found when he was about 13 years old.
How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Donovan mostly treats people with respect, unless they mistreat others and murder for no reason. he is especially respectful of women.
Do you have family/children or a significant other? He never knew his parents
Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at? He is a master of mixed martial arts and is skilled at archery and first-aid. he also knows how to accurately throw ninja kunai and shuriken. he is an extremely fast leearner and can hack computers and ride motorcycles.
Describe one day of your life (1 paragraph)
Describe one life-altering day of your life (1 paragraph) On the day that the walker outbreak first appeared, Donovan was out in the wilderness, hunting with his army buddy. By the time they got back to civilization, there were no LIVING people in the town he was living in.
Where do you live? Why? He wanders around the United states because of the Walkers.
Weapons: an M16 assault rifle, two kukris (large knifes that are kinda shaped like boomerangs) strapped to his thighs, and two modified Browning Hi-Powered pistols(with extended magazines and three-shot burst)
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Posted 11/5/12
This character is for the Quest for Adventure forum.

Name: Lupin

Nickname: none as of yet

Title: Wolf of the west


Gender: Male

Race: wolf/man hybrid (Looks human, but has the strength and speed of a wolf added to his own, as well as a wolfs sense of smell and hearing. He also has a wolf tail and ears)

Class: Swordsman/ninja

Elements: fire and earth

Favorite Spells: Seal spells for levitation, summoning, and teleportation, plus transformation magic that turns him into different animals, magical and mundane (also has a transformation spell to turn into a demon)

Family: Lupin was raised in the wilderness by a wolf pack, but when he was a teenager, a man came and started teaching him about survival techniques. That man turned out to be a wolf spirit who was his father, but Lupins mother was human, so instead of being a spirit, he was a mortal.

Friends: Lupin doesn't have many friends because of his wolf tail and ears, but it seems that all the predatory animals he comes across like him.
When he was a boy, though, there was a girl who had helped him out of a tight spot in the village he frequently watched from the woods whose name he has forgotten because of a spell, but he remember it started with an A

Animals: Lupin is followed around by a young wolf, who was sent by Lupins pack to help keep him safe.


How do you relate to or treat other people, why?: Lupin mainly treats people respectfully, but he does not like to be around big crowds. He treats women more respectfully than normal, because the first human contact he had was when he was a boy, when a girl from a village he liked to watch helped him out of a tight spot.

Do you have family/children or a significant other?: Lupin does not have any children or a spouse.

Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at?: Lupin self trains at martial arts. whenever he finds a new book regarding spells, combat techniques, or survival(including first-aid and healthy plants), he buys it and reads it. He is also skilled at the ninja arts. He knows how to pickpocket people and pick a lock.

Describe one day of your life: Most days, Lupin travels from town to town aimlessly, helping out whenever he hears about bandits or monsters. Some days he stays in one town working so that he has some money.

Describe one life-altering day of your life: The day he met his father was the day he started down the road to becoming a warrior.

Where do you live? Why?: Lupin doesn't have a permanent residence. He wanders from town to town, seeking greater challenges.

Weapons: Lupin carries around with him ninja gear, which includes a magic pouch that has an endless suplly of kunai and shuriken; two ninja swords strapped to his back; combat vambraces with spikes that he has on his forearms; two kukri, one on each thigh; and a grappling hook. /he also carries a longsword on his belt along with a shield on his back. He has a magic satchel that can hold an infinite amount of stuff as well.
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