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Have a dream you just can't get out of you head? Tell me your dream, and I'll try to interpret what it means with my dream dictionary! :'D

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okay, will this is how it is, my family use to have this restaurant back when I was still in 1st grade. but we sold it, cause we moved to china to visit.
On the day before we moved, I had a nightmare, but it wasn't actually scary, but just creepy. It was about a man in cape, no no its not dracula, me and my brother was hiding, and he caught his hiding, so we ran, FOR SOME GODDAM REASON, the wall was connected to my house which is like a mile away from my restaurant. Once I got in, I was underneath my house, [basement] but I don't actually have one. Anyways, I've been having this dream like 5 times now . Even in this period of time, I still have that dream, where everything is exactly the same.
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Hmm.. can you describe this man in cape more?
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