War Between China And Japan?
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27 / M / ♠phoenix♠
Posted 9/24/12
what the fuck china

watch the video
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29 / M
Posted 10/16/12
There isn't even an actual war between the two
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Posted 10/19/12
It could possibly lead to war depending how China and Japan reactions to each others moves.Many Japanese products are being destroyed and boycotted against. I hope for the best!
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26 / M / Connecticut
Posted 10/19/12
I'm not sure if this will lead to an actual war but this is a serious dispute. It's bad for the economies for both countries and if they're economies are effected, then we'll feel it here in the U.S.... Not to mention South Korea, another important economy, is feuding with Japan over a similar subject (maritime property)
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31 / F / Kumamoto, Japan
Posted 10/20/12
Ok, so... A war between China and Japan... it's not really an option. Japan cannot attack another country. They can't. They don't have an army. They have a pathetic excuse for a Navy that has never even been tested since it's current creation. Now if China were to attack Japan, Japan could retaliate, but they don't exactly have the means to do so. In that situation the treaty between Japan and America would pretty much push America to the frontlines to deal with whatever happened. The treaty says that the United States of America will protect Japan in the event of an attack.

America cannot technically favor China in this situation due to their treaty with Japan. If they do so, Japan may wish to rearmament themselves, which could and would cause more bad than good. If America sides with Japan, China will most likely cut America out of some business sales (as well as Japan, meh). It could hurt, but it's honestly not as bad as they make it out to sound.

China had no real interest in the islands until they learned there were some good natural resources there. And it wasn't a problem until the island fell "back" (I use quotations because, well... it's an interesting history, that island) into Japan's hands.

I don't think there will be a war. There has been many other stressful situations between China and Japan over the years and I don't think the islands will warrant a war. China cannot risk it right now.
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16 / F / California, USA
Posted 10/21/12
There is always war between them. Right about this time, they are fighting for this land..(i forgot what it what it was...it was on the news)
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