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20 / M / Norway
Posted 10/17/12
Zwei looked up after looting his last kill, a boar. He felt a breeze and as he looked around he saw the shape of a human in the distance, near the town. "I really do not want company right now, when i'm on a a roll" he said to himself.

He checks his inventory and concludes that he have enough food to last him a few more days out here.

He then stands up and starts running further from the city. It's a risky move, he knows but he'll take his chances, being maybe a bit overconfident in himself.

he's starting to build himself a small fortune, and his inventory is nearly full from spending several days in the grassy plains, so his point of return is not too far away now.
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21 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 10/19/12
" way..."

Well...not completely.

The raised eyebrow and scowl on his face already revealing his disappointment, Akira stood over an almost empty field. He stopped his mopping, the small bell chime indicating that he had opened his menu, the orange selection bar now shading his "Player's Guidebook," an item containing information stockpiled by the game's beta-testers. His original intention was to check the respawn times for the fields contained within the first floor, but his patience had already run thin.

"Pft, forget this!", he spat, waving away his menu screen.

His gaze turned to the tower which lead to second floor,
"I'd have better luck going up there at this point..." he concluded, grabbing the handle of his blade.
"I can still kill the monsters I run into along the way...why not?"

He drew his blade and began to march forward, hoping that his luck would change soon.
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Behind You!
Posted 7 hours ago
Cheesu clung to the shadows, hiding in alleyways and flitting from cover to cover. After finally making it to this new floor, and having some time to settle down, he had been able to examine the special cloak he had found in the previous level. Wearing it had revealed a new skill to him... Stealing. At first he had been hesitant to try it, stealing is wrong. But then, this was a game.

And so it had begun. A quest pop-up had appeared, leading him through the basics. But now, the quest asked for him to try his luck against another player.
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