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Naruto Video Games
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Posted 11/5/08
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Posted 1/29/09
naruto ultimate ninja 3 for ps2
naruto ultimate ninja storm for ps3
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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/9/09

mikoamayo wrote:

kiba-cool wrote:

well i like naruto dating sim game

wha-what the....such a thing exists?!!!!!! i'm curious now...but if it's hentai/yaoi or yuri >< ugh...

Probably both.... /scared

Fighting games are a big of an odd genre, most are derived from street fighter / mortal combat somehow.
I can't say any of the naruto games i've played in that genre are actually "good"... but i guess im just getting old.

Well, there's always - Billy vs Snakeman, for which there is also a group here on - crunchyroll. So be sure to join the group for hints etc.
While, yes it's a text based clicky thing browser game which probably does not appeal to most of the young generation due to it being "slow and boring", it can be quite addictive if you give it an honest shot. It's certainly a mile better than dragon tavern, gnome garden, or magewar.

Super smash bros is "weird", doesn't really feel right..
Dark stalkers is a classic, but controls odd as well.
-One must fall- is classic as well, if you never heard of it, be sure to look for it. Same for Body blows, it got poor ratings but i know i've spend a good few hours smashing up my brother with it.
Posted 5/29/09
naruto:narutimate accel 1 n 2!!friggin awesome n easily to get hooked to!!
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