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~Butterfly Diaries~

-Butterfly Diary 1-
Munakata and his teacher came to the village today. He said he was worried about Itsuki and came to help.
But I can't tell outsiders about the village. Itsuki's locked up in the storehouse.
I doubt he'll be allowed to talk with an outsider. -(Yae)

Mr. Makabe made a picture of us with his picture box. My face looked strange, but it was interesting to see.
He's probably going to be Sacrificed, because our cleansing isn't finished yet.
Before that happens, we have to help him escape.
If I can become one with you Yae, I'll be happy. That's the only thing that matters to me. -(Sae)

-Butterfly Diary 2-
I was wrong. It's just like Itsuki said.
Munakata's teacher is going to be a Kusabi. This has to stop!
People like Mutsuki shouldn't have to die. I have to do something.
A veiled Priest took one of the cell keys to the rope temple. -(Yae)

It seems father plans to make that man a Kusabi.
Even though he's Munukata's teacher!
I know one cell key is hidden in fathers bookshelves.
To keep the Hellish Abyss appeased, there's only one thing to do.
If we preform the Crimson Sacrifice, perhaps people won't suffer like this... -(Sae)

-Butterfly Diary 3-
The time of the ritual is coming soon.
Itsuki's and Mutsuki's ritual didnt work, and this year it's our turn.
I'm leaving the village with you.
Itsuki will help us escape, and we'll be together forever, like I promised. -(Yae)

The truth is, I don't want to run.
But as long as I can be with you, I'll follow you anywhere.
Just don't leave me here alone. -(Sae)

-Butterfly Diary 4-
When we were small, we once went to the river that flows out of the village.
That day we made a promise. We said we'd always stay together, forever.
Even if we left the village, we wouldn't part. -(Yae)

We promised to always be together.
But my body is weak, and I might not be able to follow you.
You might leave me behind...
Just thinking about being alone scares me.
As we grow older, we'll grown apart... We were born together as one.
I want to be one with you again Yae.
Then we can be together forever. -(Sae)

-Butterfly Diary 5-
Yae... Why did you leave by yourself?
It's out fault that this is happening to Itsuki.
You promised we'd always be together. -(Sae)

-Butterfly Diary 6-
If I stay here, someday Yae will come back for me.
Can I become a butterfly without her?
If I could, I'd always be near the village, waiting.
Waiting at the place we made our promise.
She'll come. I know she will. -(Sae)

-Sae's Final Letter To Yae-

You came for me after all.
Please hurry.
I'm right below you.
I know you might not make it in time,
But I'll wait for you until the very end.
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