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Favorite Character Class/Type
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23 / M / Canada
Posted 9/15/13
Mage or Warriors.
Posted 9/16/13 , edited 9/16/13

OneTinSoldierRidesAway wrote:

I like to play healers, it feeds my god complex.

This, I believe, is my exact reason, too.

We've all encountered that kid in the group with the attitude *cough* whom we for some reason can't seem to heal up fast enough *cough*.
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Posted 10/29/13
A class that uses 2-handed swords or katana-like swords or a class that uses guns, modern-ish guns not super futuristic lazer gunz...or super old-fashioned guns like those during the first invention of firearms.
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52 / M / In
Posted 11/5/13
Hunters ftw
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25 / M / Canada
Posted 11/8/13
In WOW I was a Assassination Rouge

In D&D I am a Druid Sentinel, and a Cavalier Paladin.
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23 / M
Posted 11/12/13 , edited 11/12/13
the upp in your face hitting you with a massive sword kindoff class.
allmost allways female for some reason
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27 / M
Posted 11/13/13 , edited 11/13/13
I like gimmicky characters for some reason. The weird ones that other people don't use, or I'll get some weird build or use some sort of weird weapon.

It's usually easiest to do this with the warrior classes. The increased durability lets me make more mistakes and I prefer melee combat, anyway. Mages and ranger types are too fragile.

I'll be the strange warrior using the weapon that nobody else likes. The swordsman in a gun game, the maul-user in a sword-heavy environment, the guy who mastered the skill that everybody says sucks. I'm the guy who is stacking evasion and regeneration when 90% of the respectable builds favor armor and strength or something.
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20 / M / Illinois
Posted 11/13/13
I enjoy playing either some type of caster like a Mage or Warlock but sometimes I do enjoy playing as a Warrior/Paladin depending on how I feel when I make my character.
Posted 11/17/13
Since many MMOs have different class types, I will list the game and the class I mostly played with.

- For Maplestory when I used to play it, I was a Warrior and a Aran. I tried serving as a tank.
- For Grand Fantasia, I had a Warrior and a Archer.
- For Eden Eternal, where you can switch between the available classes, I currently play with them all, mostly a Hunter or a Knight. This is my favorite MMO right now due to the uniqueness with the class switch.
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It doesn't matter.
Posted 11/28/13
I like to play a cleric and I like to tell the other players about how much their god sucks compared to mine.
And when they're dying I say "Where's your god now?"
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23 / M / BC, Canada
Posted 11/29/13
Some kind of magic user, i generally have more fun with them.
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25 / M / Toronto
Posted 12/6/13
mine would have to be rogue/thief, warrior
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17 / M
Posted 12/6/13 , edited 12/6/13
It depends on the game for me. Usually a magic user of some sort.

Maplestory: With all the crazy unique classes this game has it's hard to stay locked to one I usually go for Archer or Mage but I have one of each character, my favorite is Angelic Buster.

Fiesta : This game is all about warriors and trixsters for me. They do good damage and have high health, plus all classes in this game use magic it's not just the magi this time.

Elsword: Right now I am playing as Chung and he is probably my favorite character so far, I might have gone with the Hideyoshi route for his class, if you know what I mean by Hideyoshi (trap)

Eden Enternal : Back when I played, it was usually the one who could summon the tiger, which I believe was Hunter.

Skyrim : The elf races are the best classes for magic so I usually go with them

Borderlands : Back before the second one, I was the soldier, Roland, since I'm a sucker for turrets. When Borderlands 2 came out I was once again the turret user, Axton, but they release the mechromancer, Gaige, and with all the anime references and voice actress of Lucy (Fairy Tail), Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Asuna (SAO) it became a tough choice. Kind of a tie between those two. Yes Borderlands 2 is able to be counted as an RPG.

Destiny : Titan FTW! They are Destiny's Spartans plus Fist of Havoc looks awesome! Can't wait for the beta!! Not really an MMO but there are public events and all that fun stuff giving it the MMO vib
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24 / M
Posted 12/7/13 , edited 12/7/13
Depend on the game but like ranged / caster type in general, unless it is MMO then it is tanking class all the way
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104 / M / hmm...=/
Posted 12/8/13
Melee magic casters!! OMG my favorite!
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