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✘Rules of Character Creation
- No Overpowered Characters -- I'll let you know.
- Character can have 1 main weapon and 1 sub weapon.
- He/She/It may have a pet, but they cannot speak human language nor can they have magical powers or help you in combat. Only Beast Tamers may have a pet who can help them in battle.
- Can be of any race (Werewolf, Demon, Succubus, Angel, Vampire.. ect) except anything related to god.
- Cannot be immortal, humans will definitely live less longer than any other race.
- If you character is perhaps a soul which has a medium that is an inanimate object, then you are considered as immortal, but it is allowed, because you have a limited medium.
- Biography must be in paragraph, you can leave it for later if you have no ideas. (I WILL insist on bios.)
- Cannot have complete memory lost.
- MAX 5 chars, unlimited upon request.


*Job and Rank will come shortly.
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Name: Locke N. Loaden (Locke Nara Loaden)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human - Zetch
Height: 5''92
Nation: Zatch - Lives in Orion
Rank: -
Job: -
Weapon: 2 Shotgun, 2 Hand gun
Magic?: Alchemy
- Sharp Shoot *Hardly ever misses a target
- Lock-On *Locks on a target
- Semi-Infinite Ammo *Creates his own ammo with Alchemy

- Jadis werewolves and vampires. *Absolutely hate them and always wants to crush every single one of them
- Pretty girls~

- Fun
- On-going
- Forgiving
- Can be serious
- Aloof

- His scarf
- His guns *ifyouknowwhatimean/smirk/burned

- Jadis
- Non-Human Beings
- Everyone *almost

Locke lived peacefully on a small island. He lived there with his whole family, the rare race of humans. At a young age Locke's grand father thought him how to use guns to defend himself or for hunting. He quickly learned under the harsh training of his grand father. At the age of 14, he received his first pair of shotguns crafted by his grand father.

3 years in harmony later, the Jadis discovered the island. Human flesh, blood and organs were sold on the black market these days... so the Jadis held no mercy against the humans, Locke at that time was off hunting, when he came back everything was covered in blood. His younger sister, brothers, cousins, father, mother, uncles and aunt along with his grand father's bodies disappeared. Traces of footprints on the ground led him to a boat where Werewolves and Vampires from Jadden boarded along with the dead bodies of Locke's family. Taken in by his rage he killed every single beast on that ship with a single bullet to the head.

After taking his revenge, he buried his family on the land he and his family were born on. With nothing left on the island, he left with momentums of his family, the scarf his mother knitted for him, the 2 guns given by his grand father and his grand father's precious handguns. On that day, he vowed to himself to kill every single Jadi that has killed innocent people to prevent what happened to him, to anyone else.

- Nara is his Grand Father's name. He added it to his name to continue his lineage.
- Touch his scarf, die.
- Can carry a shotgun with one hand.

Life is a Never ending stream of time
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